Fremont is a wonderful city not only because it has great schools, countless talents and tremendous potential, but also because it gets great support from the community members who are willing to help and contribute to the success of its schools and students.

We are thankful for the opportunities to work with the following organizations:

Thanks for your help!

American High School Counseling Department

Art Blanc

Boldly Me

Citizens for Better Community (CBC)

Club Sports Fremont

Compassion Network

Crossroads Church of Fremont

Dawnbreakers Lions Club


DeVry University

DMCA Bookstore

Dominican Sisters

Fremont Adult School

Fremont Council PTA

Fremont Human Services Department Youth and Family Services

Fremont Family Resource Center

Fremont Flowers

Fremont Unified School District


Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation

Loved Twice

Mission Valley ROP

Music for Minors II

Save Alternatives to Violent Environments (SAVE)

South Bay Community Church

TriCity Voice

TriCity Volunteers

TriCity Young Life

Virtuoso International Flute Ensemble (VIFE)

Weddings and Dreams


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