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Conroe ISD must make a difference, address students’ mental health

Suicide Prevention Guide

Suicide affects an ever growing number of students with a sharp rise in attempts during the high school and college years. To help students who have considered, or previously attempted, suicide as they make their way to college, we would like to share a Guide that will educate students and their communities about suicide prevention. It helps identify the warning sign and risk factors for suicide and provide resources for those who suffer from suicidal thoughts and for their surrounding community of support. Perhaps most importantly it aims to dispel the myths and stigmas that encompass suicide so that students feel safer to speak up and get the help they need and find the colleges that will best support them. 

Academic Stress Presentation at Leitch

There are many important needs in our school community that cannot be addressed by our school district or schools due to the lack of time, funding, resources, and many other reasons. FUSS wants to help by sharing those needs with others, and finding available support for them.

FUSS Cares is a community of people  who care and want to take action to help. Building up our schools and students is not limited to just finding financial support for the school programs and activities, but also to provide good moral support for those who are suffering physically, emotionally, and from broken families!

We welcome you to join FUSS Cares!


Share FUSS Team Spirit to Build up Our Schools

Please see the messages from FUSS Team Leader Arlene Lu:

Hello Everyone –

This is the power Fremont citizens have when north, central, and south UNITE for only 1-2 hours in one place. Our unified presence delivered a strong message to these developers.
Thank you,
Arlene Lu


Fremont: Patterson Ranch homebuyer cannot count on getting children into nearby school
Fremont school board votes to continue unassigned attendance for Patterson Ranch homes
Fremont student moved around to different schools due to “overloading”


Former Board of Education Trustee, Ivy Wu, sings her position to the developer at the Sept 9 board of education meeting.
BIG shout out to Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS) President – and former FUSD Board of Education Trustee – Ivy Wu, who expressed her frustration with housing developers in a very unique way at last night’s Board Meeting.
Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS) President – and former FUSD Board of Education Trustee – Ivy Wu, made a persuasive – and musical – argument…


I Share because I Care

FUSS is very thankful for the information sent to us from a community member who cares deeply about public mental health issues and wants to share her resources with everyone. Please see a portion of her letter to us as follows:
I can’t help but think that I or even someone I love may someday succumb to depression, so for the sake of my family, I decided to take action. I built the following list of resources to share with others, because who knows how many people may quietly be fighting this illness? 
How Service and Therapy Dogs are Helping PTSD Victims
How Caregivers Can Take Better Care of Themselves

Hopelessness – A Silent Killer

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