FUSS is a nonprofit organization formed in 2012 to support all schools in FUSD by partnering with community to raise funds through events and activities.



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Since we started this free tutoring program at the beginning of May to help FUSD students with distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, about 200 Jr. High and High School youth tutors have signed up to offer free online tutoring in various subjects.


By now, around 140 tutors have met their maximum capacity or are currently unavailable to tutor. Many of our remaining tutors have also been getting multiple requests and may become unavailable soon!


If you are incoming 8th – 12th grade students who have a letter grade of A or B in certain subjects, we welcome you to CLICK HERE  to sign up.




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FUSS provides a platform where AWARENESS OF SCHOOL NEEDS ARE SHARED, TALENTS OF STUDENTS AND STAFF ARE SHOWCASED, opportunities for the community support are offered, and money is raised through ticket/products sales and sponsorship. FUSS also works with other community organizations and individuals to build a network of parent education, crisis prevention and intervention support for our students and families.