9th – 12th Grade Winner:
Sonia Sakleshpur – 9th grade
Mission San Jose High School
“Walking on Sunshine”
7th – 8th Grade Winner:
Kanchan Raju – 7th Grade
Hopkins Junior High School
“Staying Healthy is the Way to Win”
All of our student participants are winners because they understand what it is to live a healthy and balanced life.

We also have eight special recognitions:
Sakina Rizvi (Gomes), Bret Chen (Chadbourne), Kelly Wu (Chadbourne), Reva Agarwal (MSJE)
Adya Misra (Millard), Chantale Tso (Gomes), Nishtha Panda (Hopkins), Anika Chakrabarty (Hopkins)
4th – 6th Grade Winner
Shikha Adhikari – 6th Grade
Patterson Elementary School
“Staying Healthy is Growing My Own Vegetable Garden”
K – 3rd Grade Winner
Niyati Gupta – 2nd Grade
Forest Park Elementary School
2014-2015 Calendars made of these 12 pieces of beautiful artwork will be availablefor purchase at Mission San Jose High School, Room C120 between 11am – 5pm on 11/8/2014 – 2014 at FUSD’s Got Talent Show