We are so blessed to have more and more people, including Fremont Vice Mayor, Lily Mei and son Calvin, helping at the Emergency Warming Center last night. The Center will be opened till March 15, 2016 on days that are raining or below 40 degrees. Please continue your support by donating unused men/women underwear (M/L/XL), sweat shirts/pants/jackets (L/XL), and socks. 

If you would like to provide food and need more details, please contact Ms. Christine Beitsch with CityServe Compassion Network by sending her an email at specialprojects@cityserve.org.



We were greatly moved to see some homeless people caring for one another last night (1/18) at the Emergency Warming Center. 1) There was a man in wheel chair whose foot was badly swollen and red. His friend helped him travel safely to the Center; and another lady soothed his aching foot with the juice that she squeezed out of an aloe vera plant. 2) There was a lady who was mentally challenged. Her friend helped her take shower and groomed her.
There were other things that touched us very much, including the care, respect and compassion that the staff and volunteers showed to the homeless people.
Please come and share these special moments.
The following items are desperately needed: XL Sweat pants / sweat shirts / sweat jackets; M/L/XL underwear; socks. Please kindly donate.
We are very thankful for the new volunteers who have signed up to help serve the homeless at the Fremont Senior Center. We will be serving again this coming Sunday, 1/24, 6pm. It will be great if you could join us! Please feel free to bring fresh fruit, cookies, food (e.g. BBQ chicken, pizzas, Chinese dishes), unused men/women underwear, socks, etc.
 warming center 1warming center 2
Please contact us at fuss4schools@gmail.com if you are interested and available to help. Thank you.
It is heartwarming to see the homeless getting warm meals, safe shelter and caring services at the Warming Center during these cold, wet nights. A Shower Room has also been installed for them so that they could take hot showers. 

Emergency Warming Center

(Center opens when it is below 40 degrees and/or on rainy days)
 Fremont Warming Center flyer
Warming Center Food Donor Info Sheet
If you would like to provide food and need more details, please contact Ms. Christine Beitsch with CityServe Compassion Network by sending her an email at specialprojects@cityserve.org.
We also need clean bath towels for the homeless. If you have any that you would like to donate, please bring them to the Center.
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Seeing 50+ volunteers going through volunteer training at the Warming Center truly warmed our hearts. Big thanks to the City of Fremont Human Services Department, Fremont Police, CityServe Compassion Network, and ABODE Services for organizing this effort!