Young Musicians in Action

FUSS is happy to sponsor these young musicians who wish to share their love and passion for classical music with other students, and inspire them to also share their talents for the benefit of our schools and programs.  They are presenting a violin benefit concert to support FUSD’s junior high school music programs.  The concert will be held on Oct 4th, 2014 at Fremont Adult School.  Tickets are required, but they are free.  We welcome any donations, to be collected at the concert.

The three teenage performers are Hanlin Wang, Michelle Zhang, and Iris Lin.  They will be accompanied by their violin teacher, Mr. Ker Qi, and Pianist Dr. Anny Cheng.  This concert will be hosted by Ms. Diana Qi, the first cover girl of the Miss Singtao Pageant

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以秋意沏上一壺菊花,以琴聲沾上一抹橘紅,在秋意漫漫的下午,輕輕送出三位青少年的心韻。 藉著優美的小提琴聲和您共度一個難忘的秋日下午。 這場青少年小提琴獨奏家全部來自灣區知名小提琴教授戚珂老師門下,並特請灣區鋼琴表演藝術家 Anny Cheng  博士擔任鋼琴伴奏。 前星島小姐及知名主持人戚洁小姐任節目主持。

這場慈善音樂會的全部所得將經由FUSS 組織捐給彿利蒙學區中學音樂教育基金。三位青少年小提琴家希望能利用佛利蒙學區資源以回饋於學區,特將這場音樂會的地點選在佛利蒙成人學校禮堂, 地址為: 4700 Calaveras Ave., Fremont, CA 94538.  演出時間為 10/4 下午兩點至四點。 索票請至 或致電 (510) 918-5476。 歡迎所有社區人士踴躍參與, 免費入場。 

這三位青少年小提琴獨奏家目前跟隨戚珂老師習琴。 戚老師早年畢業於上海音樂學院,其後獲得南卡大學音樂表演碩士及依州州大音樂教育碩士學位,曾在美擔任多個樂團首席。

三位表演者都就讀於 Mission San Jose High School in Fremont:

Iris Lin: 15 歲,曾為聖荷西青少年交響樂團第二小提琴手,且跟隨交響樂團於東歐六個國家表演。 她的琴聲甜美浪漫,極具美感。 Iris 平日也在華人特殊兒童之友輔導特殊兒童。

Michelle Zhang: 15 歲,她現在是加州青少年交響樂團一級團員, 今年暑假剛隨團訪問歐洲五個國家。 她的琴聲澎湃激蕩,極具大家風範。 Michelle 平日經常在老人中心用她的音樂才華陪伴老人。

Hanlin Wang: 15 歲,這位現任加州青少年交響樂團的一級團員,用他嚴謹但富詩意的琴聲,也在剛過去的暑假, 帶給歐洲五個國家的聽眾精彩的表演。 Hanlin 平日喜歡在老人中心及教會用他的音樂才華作奉獻。

在青少年小提琴家秋季嘉年華演奏會中安排了國內耆老作曲家毛耀賢,李忠漢, 刑莊等各具家鄉風味的名曲, 更有馬斯耐, 門德爾松各世界名家的小提琴協奏曲。 德薩拉薩蒂的舞曲也是這場音樂饗宴的曲目之一。 這將會是一場兼具音樂美感及驚豔的盛宴。

Young Musicians in Action — Solo Violin Performances

It’s fall again, and the beginning of another exciting school year, to be filled with passion of learning, community involvements, and fun of life for Fremont parents and kids.  On October 4th, three accomplished young violinists from Mission San Jose High School, together with their violin teacher, Mr. Ker Qi, and Pianist Dr. Anny Cheng, will hold a charitable violin concert.  This concert will be hosted by Ms. Diana Qi, the first cover girl of the Miss Singtao Pageant.

The purpose of this concert is to raise fund for Fremont School District Junior High Music Program, with a goal to help Fremont kids get better exposure and enrichment in musical education.  All donations from this concert will be managed through Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS).  FUSS is a nonprofit organization formed in 2012 to help meet the many needs in Fremont Unified School District in California. The Mission of FUSS is to support Fremont Unified School District by informing, motivating, engaging and partnering with our community to generate funds for our schools and programs. Please visit for more information.  If you would like to donate, please make a check payable to “FUSS”.  The tax ID of FUSS is 45-5286958.

The three teenage performers are Hanlin Wang, Michelle Zhang and Iris Lin.  Hanlin is a sophomore from Mission San Jose High School.  He is sensitive, caring, and driven, playing violin since the age of 5.  Hanlin is a member of the California Youth Symphony (CYS) Senior Orchestra and principal of the 2013 CYS Associate Orchestra second violin section. Hanlin has recently toured and performed in various concert halls across several countries in Eastern Europe. Last year, he performed in a benefit concert in San Jose to raise money for the Prince of Peace Foundation to help Orphanage in China.  Michelle is a sophomore in Mission San Jose high School. A dedicated and passionate violin player, Michelle Zhang has been studying violin for 9 years. Under the teachings of Mr. Sheng-Shiong Lin, she became California Youth Symphony’s co-concertmaster for Associate Orchestra, and was accepted into Senior Orchestra, where she just went on international tour on. Currently studying under Mr. Ker Qi, she has played at numerous concert venues and volunteers with community centers to help the elders experience a taste of music first-hand.  Iris is a junior at Mission San Jose High School with a great enthusiasm for music and a passion for the arts. Iris has been playing violin since the age of 9, and she started playing in her junior high orchestra at the age of 11 as the first stand. At the age of 13, she was accepted into the San Jose Youth Symphony Philharmonic Orchestra as the youngest musician in the group, and went on tour with SJYS to six different European countries in the summer of 2013. 

Violin learning is arduous; students sometimes shed tears and struggle in the process.  However, Mr. Qi always provides guidance and encouragement.  Students who have gone through this strenuous learning process eventually gain self-confidence and become passionate towards music.  The discipline they acquire from violin learning is applicable to other life experiences.  They know that hard work and passion is the key to the success in life. 

Mr. Qi is a long time Fremont resident and a renowned violin teacher who has taught many bay area youth.  Many of his students have moved on to become competition winners and professional musicians. Mr. Qi graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music.  In 1985 he received a full scholarship to study at the University of South Carolina; he obtained both Master Degrees for Musical Performance from USC and Music Education from Illinois State University.  He has served in various orchestras as the Concert Master.  Over several decades, he has been giving rigorous and passionate teaching and cultivated many excellent violinists. He not only teaches children superb violin performance skills, but also teaches them how to use their skills to serve the community and make a better world.  

All the music will have piano accompaniment by Dr. Anny Cheng.  Dr. Cheng is an active pianist with a doctoral degree in Collaborative Piano from Arizona State University.  She was a guest artist with Arizona MusicFest, the principal vocal coach and musical director of the Tanglewood Institute’s Young Artist Vocal Program and the coach and staff pianist at Cy-Fair College in Houston.  She collaborated with tenor Allen Cathcart, founder of Peninsula Teen Opera and West Bay Opera.  

The concert will be hosted by elegant Ms. Diana Qi, a multi-talented, confident musician herself and an ambassador for several non-profit organizations.  Ms. Qi is the first cover girl of the first Miss Singtao Pageant, voted as Miss Talent, Miss Sunshine, and Miss Friendship in the Miss Chinese Cosmos pageant.

The concert will be held at Fremont Adult and Continuing Education, 4700 Calaveras Ave., Fremont, CA 94538, between 2PM and 4PM on Saturday October the 4th. The music line up ranges from Eastern to Western.  The program includes famous violin concertos, such Mendelssohn Violin Concerto E Minor, Meditation from Thaïs, Hungarian Dance, and Carmen Fantasy.

We welcome all audience in our community.  To get your FREE tickets, please email us at or call us at (510) 918-5476.