FUSS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2012 to help meet the many needs in Fremont Unified School District in California.

Mission Statement: To support Fremont Unified School District by informing, motivating, engaging and partnering with our community to generate funds for our schools and programs.


  • Bring our community and friends together to raise funds to support FUSD schools.
  • Encourage our students to be an integral part of our organization and develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Leverage the works, talents, and services of our students and community to benefit FUSD schools.


FUSS Receiving Honorary Service Award from FCPTA (3/22/2021)





FUSS Taking on a Student Team for the 2019 Talent Show

FUSS Interview with FUSD 2 (3-14-2016)

FUSS 3/14/16

FUSS Interview with
Fremont USD Superintendent Dr. Morris Community Conversations 1

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FUSS (Fremont Unified Student Store) was started in April 2012 because of the tremendous and continuous economic challenges that FUSD (Fremont Unified School District) was facing. Seeing how the many diverse educational needs could not be adequately met due to the budget constraints, FUSS came up with a win-win-win idea to help raise money to support FUSD schools and programs.

Win 1

FUSS provides a platform where school needs are presented, as well as student/staff talents are showcased to the community.

Win 2:

People who would like to help will be given the opportunity to serve, volunteer and contribute in a way that they feel comfortable doing.

Win 3:

Money are raised through events and student products to support the District programs.

All of the net proceeds (less operational expenses) generated from events including FUSD’s Got Talent Show, Spring Test Prep Camp, Speech & Debate Workshops, Web Development Workshops, AMC/CAML Math Tests, FUSD’s Got Artists Contest, Fremont Splash, Eco Challenge Summit, NanoTechnology Workshops, Fremont Tech Splash, Tutoring, Math Contest, Leadership & Entrepreneur Workshops, as well as from the sales of products, are designated for the FUSD schools and programs.


The following are some examples of how our partnership with community organizations and individuals benefit our school community:

1.  Weddings and Dreams helped organize and host Education in Fashion Charity Performance.

2.  Fremont Adult School and DeVry University provided us with facilities for various events.

3.  Crossroads Church of Fremont helped with sound tech and stage lighting for our annual Talent Show.

4.  DingDing TV provided TV Internship opportunities for our high school students.

5.  Virtuoso International Flute Ensemble (VIFE) did a special donation drive for the Cole Lewis Fund which addressed student drunk driving problem.

6.  City of Fremont Human Services Department – Youth & Family Services (YFS) and Family Resource Center, Safe Alternatives Against Violent Environment (SAVE), Fremont Families United Network (FFUN), Mission Valley ROP (MVROP), Fremont Main Library, School Psychologists and Professional Counselors helped address teen depression, stress management, parenting, holistic students issues through workshops and presentations.

7.  Tricity Volunteers, Compassion Network (CityServe) and Citizens for Better Community (CBC) helped raise money to support fire victims.

8.  ClubSport, Fremont organized a Fitness Makeover Contest for all staff and teachers in FUSD during summer break and offered very generous prizes.

9.  Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) supported FUSS in many ways including doing a District Song Contest.

10.  Tricity Voice, World Journal and Fremont Bulletin provided press coverage of many of our events.

11. With the support of local restaurants and many volunteers, the “Grab-a-Bagged-Lunch” Program was offered at the onset of COVID-19 from March -June 2020. Many community members donated over $80,000 to support this effort!

12. Secondary school students have been joining FUSS in offering free online tutoring support to FUSD students since the pandemic.

13. Student and community groups have been reaching out to FUSS to provide free virtual (STEAM / Parenting) workshops to the school community.