From the Altacode JavaScript Workshop sponsored by FUSS and DeVry University, we could see that many kids learn best when they are taught by older kids who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they are doing! Why? Because these older kids truly inspire learning by making the subject relevant, individualized, and fun!

Altacode is a group of FUSD high school students who are dedicated to increase computer science literacy among middle and high school students (Keshav, Mohammed, Anurag, Sanil, Akshay). They did a web development workshop this summer, and concluded its JavaScript workshop tonight!
FUSS loves to work with students, individuals and organizations to provide opportunities for learning as well as giving and serving, because it creates a win-win-win situation for all who are involved:
1) the instructors win by sharing their passion and leading by example;
2) the students win by being mentored and gaining new knowledge;
3) the school community win when participants contribute to build a healthy learning environment where learning is fun, relevant, constructive, lively, inspiring and innovative!