FUSS is thrilled to co-sponsor with DeVry University, “Altacode: Javascript Workshop”.

Altacode (formerly NeuCode) is a group of FUSD high school students who have a passion for web design, and wish to share their passion with other high school and middle school students.

The students did a fantastic job during summer that they would like to do it again during this Thanksgiving Break.

Education is at its best when students are inspired not only to learn for themselves, but also to share their learning with others!

Learn Javascript in 3 days @Devry University!

Attention HS and MS students: Get a jumpstart on coding!

Attention HS and MS students: Get a jumpstart on coding!

Our custom-built, exploration-oriented,one to one teaching styles ensure that you can learn JS , one of the most in-demand computer programming languages today, without any prior programming experience!

Nov. 22nd, 24th, 25th, (Sat, Mon, Tues)
4:30pm –¬†6:30pm

6600 Dumbarton Cir, Room 120, Fremont, CA


11/22, 11/24. 11/25. $25 dollars at the door. Register at the following link:http://goo.gl/forms/XHCgz4uL3t

Who are we?

Altacode is dedicated to increasing local computer science literacy among middle and high school students.Altacode is under the leadership of a dedicated group of high school students with consistent support from parents, FUSD teachers, and FUSS . We are currently developing programs dedicated to give interested students hands on opportunities to learn and expand their skill sets in CS.