FUSS hosts an FUSD district-wide Talent Show every year in November since 2012 as a way to raise money to support all students and school programs in FUSD, and to raise appreciation for talents among all 42 schools.

The event includes 5 categories (i.e. Choir, Teacher/Staff,  High School, Middle School/Jr. High School, Elementary School) and is open to all FUSD schools. Only 1 act from each of the following 3 categories can represent the school:

1. Choir Act    2.  Student Act  3.  Teacher/Staff Act

Winners will be able to win up to $2,400 for their schools:

  • Choir 1st Place Cash Award: $800
  • Teacher/Staff 1st Place Cash Award: $800
  • High School 1st Place Cash Award: $800
  • Middle School / Jr. High 1st Place Cash Award: $800
  • Elementary School 1st Place Cash Award: $800
  • Elementary School 2nd Place Cash Award: $500
  • Elementary School 3rd Place Cash Award: $300
  • Elementary School 4th Place Cash Award: $200
  • Elementary School 5th Place Cash Award: $100


  • Each act should be a form of performing art (e.g. singing, instrument, dancing, acting)
  • Each act (except Choir which gets 7 minutes) must not exceed 5 minutes, or points will be deducted
  • To qualify as “Choir”,  the group of student singers representing the school needs to be led/conducted by an FUSD staff/teacher or representative
  • Each school can be represented by 3 acts – one act from each of the 3 categories (Choir; Teacher/Staff; Student).
  • Participants need to get permission from the school principal or his/her delegate before signing up to represent the school. 
  • All performers must be FUSD students or teachers/staff
  • All performers should be from the same school. (Please contact us if they are not.)
  • An act which involves both students and staff/teachers can only fall under 1 category. It must be clearly specified either as a student or staff/teacher act at the time of application.
  • Acts will be judged on Creativity, Technical Skills, & Showmanship



Equipments and Props Available:

Handheld mics. (No clip-on mics)

1 headset mic