Youth and Family Services

Community Education Classes

Thank you for your interest in our workshops and educational presentations.  We offer a variety of topics related to parenting, stress management, mental health and substance abuse, child development, and social, emotional and educational success. Classes may be offered in multiple languages, including  English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Dari.

PARENTING (* Indicates classes offered as a part of a series)

Pre-school and Elementary Years

Raising Happy and Healthy Children (for parents of preschoolers)* 8 weeks

Getting ready for Kindergarten

Priming your child for school success

Supporting the anxious child

Middle and High School Years

Transitioning to Middle School

Transitioning to High School

Prepare to Launch – Transitioning to College

  What Parents Need to Know About Drugs, Alcohol and Adolescent Substance Abuse

Managing Strong Willed Adolescents and Risk Taking Behavior: Parent Project™ * 13 weeks

Helping your Teen Manage Stress

Warning Signs of Depression and Self-Harm Behavior

Recognizing Eating Disorders and Developing Healthy Eating Behaviors

Child Development, Bi-Cultural Parenting, Health and Raising Children in a Digital World

Understanding the needs of a child with ADHD/ADD

Social Media Matters

Understanding the Teen-age brain

Bridges to Behavioral Health – Bi-Cultural Parenting * 

Partnering with Parents for Health (for parents of youth 8-18 years) * 3 weeks

Stress Management and Self Care for Parents


Constructive Collaboration with Families of Diverse Cultures

Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding Self-Harm Behaviors

Helping Students Cope with Anxiety

Identifying and Responding to Mental Health Disorders in Children and Teens

The Teenage Brain

Bully-free Schools

Substance Abuse Disorders

Strategies for Talking with Parents about their Child’s Behavioral Health

Trauma Informed Teaching – Successful Interactions with Traumatized Students

Stress Management and Self – Care for Educators

Youth and Family Services Offers the following Specialized Consultations Services. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation appointment.

Juvenile Delinquency and Truancy

Substance Use Disorders

Asian American, Latino and Afghani Family Perspectives & Experiences with Mental Health

Identification and Assessment of Mental Health Conditions

Trauma Informed Interventions

Early Childhood Mental Health and Transition to Kindergarten

Partnering with Families – Parent Engagement

Child Abuse Reporting


Fees are based on a rate of $150 per hour for pre-prepared workshops and trainings.  Trainings may be customized for a specific school site or groups’ needs for an additional fee. 

Sites at which YFS Interns or staff Counselors are located for the school year, may receive brief presentations for parents on resources at back-to-school nights at no cost.  Outreach events and resource fairs hosted by FUSD administration and school sites are also attended by YFS and FRC staff at no cost.


Please contact Dr. Helen Hsu, Clinical Supervisor at 510-574-2135 to schedule a workshop, or call the main line at Youth and Family Services for more information at 510-574-2100.