Support Donation to Cole Lewis – Heart of Gold – Cole Lewis was a senior at Mission San Jose High School when he got severely injured in a car accident. Even though Cole has lost mobility of his hands and feet and is confined to wheelchair right now, he is working hard to gain full recovery.  To regain mobility, Cole needs about $2,000 per month to go through SCI-FIT, a spinal cord rehabilitation program. 

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The June 1st Benefit Concert was a huge success! A total of $5,300.70 was donated to Cole Lewis at the concert conducted by Ms. Judy Lam and performed by VIFE (Virtuoso International Flute Ensemble)

Concert Photos:

Album 1

On Stage    Back Stage

Cole Lewis Family



$500 and More:
Mona Mameesh
Millie Wong
$100 – $499:
Yung-Hsiao Lai & Yu-Hua Liu
Lily Kao & Peter Mei
Mark & Tammy Christensen
David & Judy Lam
Chia Lin Liao
Ming-Wei Lena Zee Family Trust
Li-Ching Lin
Rosa Lu
Robert & Sandra Brandle
Cynthia Vail
Rich D Bergstrom
ChuanCheng Cheng & Hsii Yang
Horng Bruce & Sophia Lin
Melissa Ma
Clement & Ruxi Chiang Foundation
Lawrence & Anna-WaiMing Wang
David & Mary Domelle
Daphne Huang & Henry Leung
Robert Sylvia
Jamunarani Balaraman Ramaraj
King Phoon
Cheryl Berggren
Marie Agleham
Frederick Chin
Sophia Ahmad
Cindy Oliveira
SJ Stoneberger Business AccountCatherine Ko
$10 – $99:Sue Kwong
Alan & Lynda Koraltan
Anne Fairbairn
JiangKai Chen & Wenge Ma
HengWei Hsu & Wan-Ying Chen
Sit Heng & David Willmore
Douglas & F. Elizabeth Blizel
Arlene Lu
James and Melinda Jih
Gerry Low Sabado
Takeshi Yamaguchi Family
Lydia Santo
Dana Whitney
YunMing Tsai& WenWen Cheng
Montesa Patawaran
Robert & Beverly Krieger
Lewis & Carol Lynn
Asokan Ramachandran
Judy Schwartz
Donald & Lillian Adams
V. Marlar
Sue Kwong
Clara T Mar
Karen S. Ashcraft
Jo Marshal