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Youth4Good Foundation

FUSD High School Students

Teaching Grade Levels:  TK-8


    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Geometry
    • English
    • Science

Contact: | (408) 981-2696


Students Next Door (SND)

Kennedy High School Students

Grade Level: K-12

Subjects: All Math from K-Pre-Calculus:

    • AP Calc
    • AP Stats
    • English
    • Science
    • World History

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Contact:  (510)-309-4949



Blessings Education


MSJHS High School Students


    • Grades 6-8: all levels of math, science, CS
    • Grades 9-10: all levels of math, physics, chemistry, biology and CS

Teaching Grade Levels: 6-10

Class sizes: 4-5 per teacher + mentor



Washington Tutoring Team


Washington High School Students


Teaching Grade Levels: 6 – 10



    • Pre-Algebra (GFA)
    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Pre-Calculus





Student Volunteers


Teaching Grade Levels: 1 – 5



    • Math
    • Reading
    • English
    • ESL

8 Week Sessions: 9/28 – 11/15


Hours: Mon – Fri 3pm – 6pm




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