Quote by Iyesha, Leader of the S&D Student Team:

“Our goal is to cover basic debate skills that are necessary in all types of debate. There are various types of debate, but rather than focusing on one type, we help our students build a foundation that is applicable to any type of debate.¬†Therefore, when the children choose which form of debate to pursue, they will already have mastered the basic skills necessary to be a successful debater.
We teach them how to write arguments and how to refute them. The ability to think on the spot and under pressure is a requisite to being a successful debater. In order to help students develop this skill, our team conducts many impromptu speaking exercises. These exercises improve the students’ ability to refute an argument thoroughly with little time to prepare. We also focus on aspects of speaking such as body language, gestures, and how to convey information concisely. We talk about current issues and teach students to think critically and creatively and give them tips on finding the information that they need while researching. Although this seems like a lot, we do everything in an interactive way so that it is fun for students to learn.”