FUSS is honored to work with Fremont Unified School District to put together a District Song Contest!

  1. The song should express Fremont Unified’s values of inspiring, educating, and challenging students. (The song is not to glorify academic work, but to inspire, educate and challenge our students to learn, grow and live up to their full potential so that not only do they benefit from education process, but they also bless others with their learning experience. The songwriters have the freedom of expression so long as lyrics are relative and appropriate. )
  2. Song length must not exceed 5 minutes.
  3. Compositions can be an individual effort or a collaborative work among students/staff within our school district.
  4. The entry must be participant’s original work. It cannot be borrowed from copyrighted material, or include commercially pre-programmed MIDI or other files.
  5. Entrants should record and upload their song, including lyrics, to YouTube, submitting the link to events@fuss4schools.org 
  6. Start your recording by introducing yourself (name, school, grade level, and name of your song) before singing.
  7. The use of composition and notation software are permitted for the purpose of creating music scores and arrangements.
  8. Music notation is optional; but the music composition and lyrics must be performed by vocalist(s).
  9. To record the song, make sure that there are no noises in the room, and the music is audible on the recording.
  10. 3 finalists will be selected by FUSS judges and presented to the FUSD School Board to determine the winner at the June 4th Board meeting. 

If you are a teacher, administrator or staff and is working with a group of students in the production/performance of this Song, please make sure that this FUSD District Song Original Work & Liability Release Form is signed by the students and/or their parents/guardians.