I Share because I Care

FUSS is very thankful for the information sent to us from a community member who cares deeply about public mental health issues and wants to share her resources with everyone. Please see a portion of her letter to us as follows:
I can’t help but think that I or even someone I love may someday succumb to depression, so for the sake of my family, I decided to take action. I built the following list of resources to share with others, because who knows how many people may quietly be fighting this illness? 
How Service and Therapy Dogs are Helping PTSD Victims
How Caregivers Can Take Better Care of Themselves

Hopelessness – A Silent Killer

SAVE Updates

Building Mental Health Support Within the South Asian-American Community

College Readiness – A Student & Parent Seminar

Support Fremont Families United Network (FFUN)

Dr. Julie Xie’s PowerPoint Presentation on Academic Success vs. Mental Health

Navigating Your Child’s Emotional and Academic Success Seminar

Teen Crisis Prevention by Text Message

Bully Talk

Parent Project

Success vs. Mental Health

Priming Your Child for Success

Crisis Prevention and Intervention

FUSD Service Providers

Help a Family in Need this Holiday Season!

Is My Child OK?

Not my Kid!

Baby Clothing Drive – Loved Twice

Help Fremont Family Recover from Fire Loss

Preventing Youth Suicide

What is the Number 1 Mental Health Issue Affecting High School Students in the Bay Area

Building Resiliency

Crisis Prevention/Intervention

Cole Lewis Fund- FUSS Against Drinking and Driving

FUSS Cares – Resources

FUSS Cares – Mailbox

FUSS Cares – Donation



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