General Rules:

    1. Each act needs to be a performing art (i.e. dance, song, instrument, band). If it is a group act, it needs to follow the guidelines on social distancing. Participants in the group need to represent the same school. 
    2. This year, acts are not limited to one per school
    3. Each person can submit only 1 act 
    4. Each act needs to be recorded and submitted to 
    5. Each video should be between 1 – 3 minutes.
    6. A sign including a) name of the performer(s); b) grade level/range of the performer(s); c) name of the piece and original composer/performing artist needs to be displayed before screen before the act begins.
    7. The first 100 entries will be taken across different FUSD schools. They will be pre-screened and posted for public viewing.