This FUSSilitator Agreement is between Fremont Unified Student Store, hereinafter “FUSS”, and _________________________________________________, hereinafter “FUSSilitator” –  an individual/organization that works with FUSS or coordinates and develops events/projects/programs/workshops through FUSS’ support. This agreement is applicable, enforceable and binding upon all members, volunteers, staff, officers, directors and participants affiliated with the said individual/organization.


FUSSilitators shall agree to actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities; and to dress, speak and conduct themselves in appropriate manners which include but are not limited to the following:

    • Be present and punctual for the activity, event, program, workshop or project.
    • Properly and timely check in, set up, clean up, and complete the task as agreed.
    • Bullying, harassment or any disruptive conduct are not tolerated at any time throughout the event, project, program, or workshop.
    • Must not engage in any activities or commitments that will contradict FUSS’ mission, vision, goals and practices.
    • Make sure that the conditions of activities, events, programs, workshops or projects are safe for all who participate (i.e. classrooms and work area).
    • Properly handle any donation or money collected on site.  
    • Timely complete the payment terms with FUSS.


Name of FUSSilitator Rep (print):___________________________________________ (must be a parent/guardian) 


Name of FUSSilitator Rep (sign): __________________________________________


Date: ____________________________