Let Your Name Shine Poetry Collection
by Fremont Students

“Planet Earth” by Mahika Katariya
Weibel Elementary School 1st Grade

Where the birds tweet, where the wind blows,

Where the flowers bloom, where the river flows,

Where LIFE is, where we all are

Our planet Earth, the best one by far

My parents named me, “MAHIKA”, right after my birth,

And I love my name so much, because it means the planet EARTH.

Reina Louise Whitlock – 1st Grade

“Best name ever!” by Rishika Thorat
Gomes Elementary School 6th Grade

My name is uttered with grace and exquisiteness

It is not a common one

For, it is distinct

And divine in its way

My name is innocent

As innocent as a newborn 

My name means saintly 

It helps me keep composure in the face of misfortune

It gives me strength to turn around from the dark side of the world

I have heard my name various times

But never tire out

For, this is my inner-self

My pride and my honor, self-respect and inspiration


by Srinjoy Chatterjee

From the highest mountain to the lowest ditch,

Srinjoy will scale and conquer them all,

Nothing will stop him as he walks,

Along his destined path.

All evil strays from their doings,

And bows to Srinjoy as he makes his step,

Nothing dares walk in his tremendous path,

As he crushes the most wicked of souls.

Mission San Jose Elementary 6th Grade

As he walks he arouses happiness,

In the most weary of souls,

Bringing ‘Good Day’ and ‘Hello’,

From the grumpiest of people.

As he spreads good will in his selfless acts,

Such as picking up an old woman’s grocery bag,

From small to large deeds, Srinjoy spreads ecstasy,

As he follows his path with purposeful destiny.

Gregory Bettencourt 
Mission Valley Elementary School 5th Grade


Funny, adventurous, kind

Brother of Michael

Wishes to be immortal

Dreams of being an artist

Who finds happiness in pets

Who fears spiders

Who likes archery

Who wants to see Hawaii

Who plans to go to Disney Land

Who likes to wear T-shirts

Resident of Fremont


Desiree Ho 

I am Desiree; desired (from the roots of Rome);

My surname, Ho, from Canton. 

I bear it in my ancestors’


They call me names;

Mutters behind my back;


Echoing in the hall.

But I hear them all the same.

I am not Desiree Clary, Queen of Sweden—

Perhaps better known as Napoleon’s first love.

Nor am I Desiree Heslop the vocalist

(I am no Princess).

But these predecessors

Walking before me

Paved their own paths and alleys 

Where I cannot follow.

Their footsteps, 




SprintingLeading away from the very first pair where my feet are planted in, 


Horner Jr. High
8th Grade

But when the time comes

I step outside those time-worn prints.

I forge my own desired trail.

My name is my weapon

I wield and brandish it before me

May they tremble in the name of my fore-mothers.

My name is my right-hand woman, my ambassador

Traveling the globe in my signature.

It is my ancestry—



Caught into the fibers of history.

It is my standard, my coat-of-arms, planted into Future’s path

To mark where I stood.

It is the legacy that I leave behind,

When all else has crumbled

Like the Colosseum.


But my name is my weapon

For bronze does not rust.

Let my name shine.


Names are important, because they give individuals their identities. “Good Name” also
means Reputation or Honor in Chinese. We hope that kids will not only live up to
their names, but have a Good Name! 
We hope that through their participation in this Poetry Writing project, students will
not only be able to build a sense of appreciation and respect for their names, but also to develop self-esteem, honor, purpose and meaning for themselves as well as respect for others.

Let your name shine like a shiny shine, shine.
Don’t let it shame like a shameful shame, shame.
Though at times it gets shamed by others or ourselves,
Don’t let it get stuck there and don’t just whine.

A good name is worth pursuing with life.
Honor, guard and defend it all the time.
Don’t pursue it with selfish ambition or vain pride,
‘Cause it will only be a pretentious strife.

How to help our kids build a good name?
By living our life as their guiding LIGHT.
Loving, Inspiring and Gearing them up for honor,
Holding them accountable and Trusting them without blame.