Water in Nepal (WIN) has just returned from its July 2019 trip, and we are excited to give you an update on the new projects we have initiated!
Because of your help, we have reached around 2,000 Nepalese people through these newly funded projects: 
1. A 6-step electric filter for Nepal Loving Lap, a mental disability center for women and children abandoned on the streets.
2. 13 (31-Liter) Stainless Steel Bucket Ceramic Filters for each classroom and one (8-step) gravitational filter for the staff room of the Baluddhar Secondary School, a hill-side government school that welcomes students from both low-income families and indigenous, minority groups. 
3. One 1,000-Liter storage tank for the Mahadev Daada Village Community in Godawari for their new hospital. 
4. A complete restoration of the government school, Shree Mahendra Adarsha’s, water filtration process. This project includes funding for the installation of a bio-sand filterthe activation of their filter vessel, and the repair of their electric filter
5. A sedimentation tank for the Dhobikhola Village Community in Godawari. The work for this project will not begin until November-December 2019 after Nepal’s monsoon season.
From WIN and the Nepalese people, we want to thank you so so much again for your donation, significantly helping those who struggle to gain access to clean drinking water! 
We will continue to initiate new projects and gather work updates throughout the next six months. As always, we work our hardest to ensure that WIN’s recipients of your donations use the funds appropriately and maintain the project’s infrastructure to the best of their ability. 
We are beginning a new season of fundraising for our next large, but urgent project goals for sustainable access to clean drinking water in Nepal:
1. 280 feet of gutters with the accompanying pipes and underground recharge systems for rainwater harvesting for Shree Geeta Maata Secondary School. 
2. A 70 ft. long barrier wall for the Dhobikhola Village Community in Godawari to protect them from mud and dirt flowing into their water source and contaminating their drinking water. 
Thank you so much again for your time, your donation, and your kindness towards the Nepalese people.
Zachary Wong
Founder of Water in Nepal