A few elementary schools have signed up to start their own math clubs through FUSS – Azevada, Gomes, Niles, Warm Springs. If you would like to know how to start your own math club, please contact Robert Hou at rhpix1@yahoo.com 

Here is the powerpoint that was used for the workshop.  It will be updated soon based on the questions that were asked at the workshop.



Dear Parents,

This “workshop” is for parents who are interested in starting a Math Club at your own school.  You will have to do the work.  I can provide you with materials.  It isn’t hard, and I know that most of our schools have several parents who are interested in this program.  So many of you can work together.  If you signup at this link, then I will get parents at each school together:



There are several reasons I started a Math Club instead of something else.  Once the Math Club was running, I just needed to show up for one hour a week, and study the math problems while the students were working on them.  And then explain the solutions at the end of the meeting.  And solutions are provided.  Also, you could share the responsibilities for running a Math Club so that you don’t have to be there every week.

And the other reason I like Math Club is because it can teach creative thinking.  The kids use their math skills to solve problems they haven’t seen before.  At first, they can’t solve them, but they can still understand some of the solutions.  And then it gets them thinking about using their math abilities in a different way.  I’m not trying to only train future mathematicians.  This is a useful skill in science, engineering, and in daily life.  I am not sure how easy it is to teach creative thinking with the sciences, because at this age, students may not know enough science skills to use them creatively.  But they have been learning math since pre-school.  They have enough math skills to start using them creatively.


Robert Hou