Education in Fashion Show

FEBRUARY 2, 2013

Dear Friends,

We hope to have about 1,000 local residents attending the 2 shows which feature many student models and performers.

Education-in-Fashio-from-logo-design3We would like to invite you and/or your business to participate by donating a raffle prize or placing an ad in our 5”x7” glossy show program.

The following ad sizes are available. Please specify the size you wish to purchase (subject to availability):

¼ page ad (business card size – 2.5” x 3.5”):$25 b/w / $50 color
½ page ad (5” x 3.5”): $35 b/w / $75 color
Full page ad (5”x7”): $150 b/w / $250 color
Full back page, color: $350

To purchase your tickets, please click:

Ticket Purchase Link for Matinee Show from 2-4pm

Ticket Purchase Link for Evening Show from 6-8pm

To place your ad, please register here to donate raffle basket items or to place an ad in our program.
Thank you for your anticipated participation.



AMC 10/12 Waiting List

FEBRUARY 1, 2013

A few days ago, Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS) found out that many Fremont students who wish to take the AMC 10/12 tests will not be able to take them because of the limited capacity.

Without any hesitation, FUSS Team decided to make it possible for these students. With the support from Fremont Adult School, FUSS Team quickly put together the test dates and location.

The online registration in these 2 days has been very busy. Since we need to order the tests on January 30th in order to get them in time for the test on February 5, we have to close the registration by midnight tonight, January 29.

We apologize for the short notice. If you miss registering for the test, you are welcome to join our waiting list. We plan to purchase a few extra tests and will notify the students on the waiting list as space permits.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our students, and will continue to do what we can to help meet the needs of all of our schools.

AMC 10/12

JANUARY 26, 2013

mathFremont Unified Student Store (FUSS) is pleased to be able to offer the AMC 10 and AMC 12 tests to FUSD students. FUSS is a non-profit organization affiliated with FUSD. You can find our website at

These tests are open to all students. The tests will be offered from 4 pm to 5:30 pm on February 5 and February 20 at a location in Fremont to be determined. If your student is interested in taking one or both of these tests, please take this survey so we can see if there is enough interest and what facilities we need to procure for our students.

We probably need 30 students to hold the test. If enough students are interested, registration for the February 5 date will begin this weekend, and will close on Tuesday night, January 29, at midnight. The test will cost $10, and because we are ordering the test the next day, you will need to pay using a credit card on our website. Payment will not be refunded if you do not show up for the test. Registration for the February 20 date will be done later.

Please read the information below to learn about what the AMC tests cover, which students can take which tests, and how to prepare for the tests.

The AMC 10 and AMC 12 are both 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice examinations in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with pre-calculus concepts.

For the AMC 10, students must be under 17.5 years of age on February 5 and enrolled in grades 10 or below (even grade 3 :-). For the AMC 12, students must be under 19.5 years of age on February 5.

Your student cannot take two tests on the same day. If your student takes a test at school, and again with FUSS, the results will not be valid.

A student receives 6 points for each correct problem and 1.5 points for each unanswered problem. Students are not penalized for incorrect answers.

Calculators are not allowed.

The AMC 10 assumes knowledge of elementary algebra; basic geometry knowledge including the Pythagorean Theorem, area and volume formulas; elementary number theory; and elementary probability. What are excluded are trigonometry, advanced algebra, and advanced geometry.

The AMC 12 covers the high school mathematics curriculum, excluding calculus.

You can find more information about the AMC 10 test here:

You can find previous AMC 10 tests here, so you can help prepare your student:

You can find more information about the AMC 12 test here:

You can find previous AMC 12 tests here, so you can help prepare your student: