• This free online tutoring program will be continued in the summer for as long as we have enough tutors.
  • We work on Monday through Friday.
  • Due to limited availability, each student is limited to no more than 3 subjects or 3 tutors at a time. 
  • Tutors have discretion to interview and decide if and how to offer online tutoring services to the students.
  • Please be patient with the process, as we are a 100% unfunded volunteer-based program.
  • Please give the tutors 3 -4 business days to respond. If you do not hear from them in that timeframe or if you have any other questions, please email us at: admin@fuss4schools.org.





NameTutor’s Grade LevelSubject(s) / Letter GradeDays / Hours AvailableTutoring Grade Level(s)Brief Intro
Malhar9Math – A
Social Studies – A
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 2pm – 4pmK-2
I am a great teacher. I make sure that the student understands and master concepts. I have been teaching my younger brother.
Kabir9English – A+Sat: 12pm – 2pmK-5
I am well trained in English as I received A’s and A+’s, I also go to an English class myself where I am currently prepping for the SAT’s.
Mandy9Math – A/B
History – A/B
Mon, Wed, Fri: 2pm-5pm
Tues: 2:45pm-5:00pm
(limit: up to 5 students per week)
My math skills are good enough to be a mini tutor for younger kids. I babysit cousins and friends siblings often, so I have experience with kids. I am bilingual in English and Chinese, so if there is a Chinese language barrier I can definitely help with that.
Shubhi11Math – A+Tues, Thurs, Sat: 2pm-5pmK-6
Incoming junior! Received an A in every math class, Kumon math course completer. Good with teaching mental math and step by step processes.
Gautham9Math – A
English – A
Mon – thurs:
10am – 2pm & 4pm – 6pm
I have been in all Honors and Accelerated classes and I enjoy Math and English.
Aneeka9French 1 – A
French 2 – A
Algebra 1 – A
Algebra 2 – A
Pre-Calculus – A
Physics – B
Thurs, Fri: 1pm – 4pmK-8+
French 1 – 5th Grade and up
I have taken Algebra 1 in 6th Grade, Algebra 2 in 7th Grade, and Pre-Calculus in 8th Grade. Have experience in peer tutoring and teaching my friends.
Ankita8Math – AMon: 6pm – 7pm
Tue: 6pm – 7pm
I am a grade ahead in math. I have not tutored before but, am excited to do so.
Akshaya9Math – A +
English – A
Mon, Tues, Wed: 3 pm – 6 pm
Sun: 1 pm – 3 pm
I have been in all Honors and Accelerated programs and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I would like to help younger students in core studies as they learn.
Alexander8Math – B+
World History – A
Tues – Thur: 3:00pm – 3:30pm1-4
This will be my first time tutoring but i hope that i can continue with this.
Jiya8Art – A

English – A

Mon, Wed: 2pm – 6pm1-4
I have undergone formal training for drawing for several years with art teachers. I have expertise in painting, shading, human figures and 3D drawing.
Vishwa11Math – ASaturday1-5
I am especially well at algebra. I can teach Pemdas, Gemdas, solving for variables, and arithmetic.
Keshavi8Math- ATues, Fri: 3pm-5pm1-6
Hi! I’m Keshavi. I have been enrolled in accelerated math, and I enjoy teaching math, as I find it such an intriguing subject.
Mihika10English/ Creative Writing (Honors)- A
Introductory speech – A,
competitive experience,
been professionally coached
Math (Elementary, pre-algebra,
Algebra 1, Algebra 2) – A
Mon, Wed, Fri: 9 AM – 3 PM
Sun: 9 AM – 2 PM
I have tutored 10+ kids in writing. A captain on my school’s speech team and AP math student. My priority is maintaining a fun learning environment.
Pranav R.10Math – A
Spanish – A
other subjects
Mon, Wed, Fri:
8am – 12pm
Sat: 12pm – 3pm
Sun: 8am – 11am
I am patient and a good communicator, trying the best to allow the student to achieve mastery or complete understanding of a topic.
Mon, Wed, Thurs: 5pm – 7pm1-6
I’ve lived in India for 2 years and tutored 1st & 2nd graders, I’m good with kids and good at explaining things. I’m also passionate about teaching.
Jash-Piam10English – A (Honors)
Alg. 2 – A (Honors)
Mon-Sat flexible after 2pm1-7
I have taught kids my age and younger chess for almost 2 years, and I have been teaching recenlty younger kids photography, math, science, and english
Angie11Math – ATue, Thurs, Fri, Sat: Any time of the day1-8I have helped my siblings with their homework.
Anvay11Spanish 1 and 2 – A+
Up to Algebra 2 – A
June 20 – July 6 and July 31 onwards – all day
July 6 – July 31 – T & Th – all day
I am a Junior. I am an honor roll student since 1st grade and I believe I can make a difference with my tutoring services.
Bill10Biology – A
Math – A
Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat: Anytime (1 hour per day)
Tues, Wed: Anytime besides 7pm-8pm (1 hour per day)
I love teaching others and have always wanted an opportunity like this. I believe in helping students cultivate their own interests and learn on their own pace. No question is ever bad, anyone can ask anything. Thanks and I look forward to tutoring you!
Divjot12Math (up till Geometry)-AMon, Wed:4pm-6pm
Sat: 10am-12pm
I’ve been in my school’s accelerated math program for the past 3 years. I’m a Girl Scout as well. Leadership and helping out others is important to me
Jennie12Any math up to Pre-Algebra – AAny day of the week up to 6 hours a week1-8
Part of a tutoring club at my school (CORE club) where we go to different elementary schools to tutor children. Very good with kids and communication – used to work at a swim academy as an instructor.
Omrishi12Algebra 1 – A
Algebra 2 – A
Common core Math – A
1st-6th grade math – A
English – A
Mon, Sat: 10am – 12pm1-8
My favorite subject has always been math because of how it uses methodologies to solve problems.
Riddhika10Math – AMon, Tues, Thurs, Sun:
4pm – 6pm
I will be a 10th grader. I love Math, robotics, and music. I have been learning Singapore Math since 2nd grade. I have also won math awards.
Simone12“””AP Bio – A
Bio Honors – A
AP English – A
English Honors – A
Math Precalculus: A+”””
Can take only 1 more student1-10
Hi! My name is Simone. I have volunteered to help children with homework at several after-schools, like Harvey Green and Hirsch. Throughout my academic career, I have worked hard to achieve mostly A’s in all subjects, and I am particularly drawn towards the sciences and English. I’m a published writer and poet as well. I’ve done research centered in science, specifically on pea plants and molecules found in reverse transcriptase of the HIV virus. Beyond academics, I am a certified yoga teacher and love working with kids!
Calc BC
Mon, Wed, Fri: 4pm – 6pm1-12
I qualified AIME many times and already finished all high school math, including AP math. I like math and always active in math club, tutoring.
Anay A.8Math, English
Math – B+
English – A
Mon, Fri: 4pm – 6pm3-5
I was an Honor Roll student and I am in English Honors right now. I learned lots from the teacher and lessons. I am also fascinated by math.
Nisanth8Math – A/BMon-Fri: 9am-12pm3-5
I like playing guitar, I do martial arts. I am good with solving technological problems. I was in accelerated math last year.
Karan10Math – AMon, Fri: 6:30pm-7:30pm3-5
I was valedictorian of my Middle School, been a straight A student and love Math.
Angelina8Math – ATues, Wed: 3pm – 5pm3-6
I have received an A grade in math every year, and I have already helped others in the subject previously.
Aditi B.10Spanish 1 – A
Spanish 2 – A
Hi! I am Aditi and I am currently a freshman. I do not have any tutoring experience, but I would love to do so.
Mishika9Math- A
Science- A+
Capacity Full3-7
I have done Science Olympiad for the past 4 years with varying topics in biology and chemistry. I did Mathcounts for two years in 5th and 6th grade.
Serena C.10Math – AMon: 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm
Tues: 3pm – 5pm
Th: 11am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm
Fri: 12pm – 5pm
Sun: 2pm – 5pm
I’ve tutored elementary schoolers before. I really enjoy teaching and working with them!
Raghu12Math- (Precalculus, Algebra, and Geometry)- A
Science- (Biology honors, Chemistry, and Ap physics )- A
Mon, Tues: 5pm-7pm
Sat: 2pm-5pm
Sun: 4pm-6pm
I am a lead engineer for an FTC robotics team, I took Honors/ AP science classes, engineering course and accelerated math courses and I have a 4.0 GPA
Gracie8Clarinet – A
History – A
English – A
Science – A
Mon, Tues, Th:
1pm – 4pm
Hi. I’m available to tutor for English, Clarinet, History, and Science. Contact me if you need tutoring
Nidhish8Math- AMon-Fri: 11am – 1pm4-6
I am in English Honors and math accelerated classes. I have consistently been a honor role student for most of fifth grade, all of sixth, and seventh grade. I have a 9 year old sister to whom I explain the concepts of math so she can better understand and execute. Apart from all of the above, I also have a 100% in English. Last but not the least, I am a responsible Boy Scout who has been in scouting since kindergarten and successfully earned a first degree black belt in Karate.
Rithika11Living Earth – A
Elementary School Math (K-6)
Thurs, Fri: 9am – 12pm
Sun: 12pm-3pm
I have worked with some little kids when I worked on the FUSS Student Volunteer Team for the annual talent show. At the rehearsals, there were many younger aged kids who were performing. I have also worked with FUSS for the last year’s Summer Job Fair Program held at American High School. Regarding my Living Earth class, I took it freshmen year and received an A both semesters. Elementary school math is something I will be glad to teach, and I am currently taking Algebra 2 / Trigonometry.
Ava10Algebra 1 – A1
Geometry – B+
Algebra 2 – A
Biology – A-
Mon: after 6pm
Tues, Thurs, Fri: anytime of the day
Sat: before 3pm and after 5pm
Volunteering to teach students in subjects which I love (math and science) would be a really good use of my time and be extremely helpful to them during this difficult time. In my freshman year, I volunteered at Mission San Jose Elementary school and tutored 4th, 5th, and 6th graders twice a week but that soon was closed due to covid-19. When I was in 7th and 8th grade, I volunteered twice a week for 3 hours each time after school to tutor in an after-school which I had previously attended. I helped students from 1st grade all the way to 6th grade. Along with that, the summer of my 7th grade, I took part in a voluntary summer program called Jenny Lin and this showed me what it was like to give back to the community for a good cause.
Karthik8Math – A
Science – A
History – A
English – A
Mon-Fri: 2pm – 9pm4-7
I Have Maintained A To A+ Grades In All My Subjects. I Have Joined Many Extracurricular Activities And Have Made Outstanding Achievements In All Of Them. Some Of These Include National History Day (NATIONAL Qualifier), Science Olympiad (Won All Events), Tech Olympiad (1st Place), Math Olympiad (Top 5%), Spelling Bee (State Qualifier), etc.
Arush9Math – A
Music Theory – Currently CM Level 8 (Currently taking Level 10 exam)
FIRST Lego League – did for 4 years (made it to Regional Level twice)
Tues: 12pm – 1pm4-8– Qualified for Math League State Level
– Did FLL for 4 years (went to Regionals twice)
– Am CM Level 10 – Music Theory
Ishani10Math – ATues:
11am – 5pm
3pm – 7pm
10am – 2pm
My passion for math motivates me to help students understand novel concepts, increasing their interest and guiding them on their journey to success.
Saniya K.10English- A
Spanish 1 and 2- A
Mon, Wed, Fri:
1pm – 2pm
I have done Spanish 1 and 2. I enjoy learning new languages and writing stories. I had great teachers and I would like to pass down that knowledge.
Shriya S.10Science – A
Music – A
Mon, Wed: 3pm-5pm4-8
I have been in band since fifth grade and have been playing piano for 4 years. I have also helped students during homeroom for science.
Ryan H.9Assistance with conceptual understanding of basic Computer Science through Python 3 and Java.Flexible4-9
Distinguished Honor Roll for AMC 8, All state Junior High Symphonic Band First Chair French Horn, Helps friends with Codingbat problems and such.
Lalith8Math – AMon, Tues, Fri: Flexible5-6
In addition I am an 8th grader who has math accelerated. I always get 97% or above. I excel in my math.
Veda9Math – ATue: 4pm-6pm5-6
I have always had interested in the Mathematics subject. I have attended several math coachings.
Anay P.9History – A
Math – A
Mon: 3pm – 8pm
Wed: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Fri: 3pm – 8pm
I have an interest in robotics, WW2 and programming. I do robotics outreach with 5th – 6th grade students. Read more at https://anaypant.github.io/
Atif10Science: A
Double Accelerated Math: B
Spanish 3: A
Tues, Fri: 10am – 11am5-7
I enjoy meeting new people. I am also patient and will take the time to address and explain questions. I do Robotics did SO (4th place in 6th grade)
Avery10Math – AMon – Fri: 3PM – 5PM5-7
I’ve had straight A’s in math since elementary school. I like teaching others and sharing my math knowledge. I won First Place on Math Kangaroo 2019.
Khushi9(Accelerated) Math – A-
Honors Science – A+
Mon: 12pm – 1pm
Th: 5pm – 6pm
Math: 5-6
Science: 5-7
I am currently in all accelerated/honors classes available and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I believe in learning for understanding and hope I can help!
Leo10Mathematics – A
History/Social Studies/Civics – A
Science – A
English – A
Mon: 10am-11am
Tues: 6pm-7pm
Wed: 10am -11am
Thurs: 2pm-4pm
Fri: 5pm-8 pm
I am a two time AIME qualifier. I believe I have prior experience in tutoring because I have instructed both math and chess classes at MSJE. On other subjects, my grades are usually high A’s, and I qualified for National History Bee and also international history bee. I made quarterfinals in Nationals.
Pranav P.10Math – AMon, Tues, Thurs:
4pm – 6pm
I have experience teaching kids math from grades 3 – 6. Math is one of my strong suits. I love it and relish at sharing my knowledge with others.
Tanishq10Math – AMon, Wed, Fri: 12pm – 4pm5-7
I am an accelerated math student who has been consistently been receiving As in math. I have mastered math I’ve learned in the past grades.
Ambareesh10Math – AMon-Fri: 3pm-5pm5-8– Taking double accelerated math
– AIME qualifier
– Part of Jr. High / High School Math Club- Honors English
– Consistently high-scoring essays
Aditi G.9Math- A
English- A
English Classes:

Mon, Tues, Wed:
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Science Classes:

Thurs, Sat: 
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Math Classes:

Fri, Sun: 
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

I am advanced in Math and I also have English Honors and Science Honors. I am motivated to work hard for a good result. I am excited to tutor kids.
Anokhi9Math – AMon-Fri: 2m-4pm6-8
I have always loved Math and excelled at it. I am very patient while teaching and have helped my neighborhood kids whenever possible.
Arnav9Math- A/BMon, Wed, Fri: 10:am – 11:30am6-7
My favorite areas of math are Algebra and Geometry. I have 4 school-years worth of experience in advanced/accelerated math classes, as I have maintained a passing grade in math ever since I joined the advanced classes. Additionally, I enjoy learning concepts from higher grade levels on Khan Academy, as well as accumulating energy points. However, I have no experience of teaching, but I am willing to take on the challenge of teaching students that are younger than me.
Divyanshu11Math – AThurs – Sun: After 3pm for 2 hours6-8AIME Qualifier / Pre Calc Acc: A / Geo-Alg2: A
Harishankar12US History – A
World History -A
Algebra 1 – B
Honors Science Grade 7 & 8 – A
Mon – Thurs: 1pm – 6:30pm Fri – Sun: 9am – 6:30pm6-8
I have 4.0 gpa in middle school.part of school math club for past 3 years. I have tutoring experience from past.
Louis10Biology – AMon – Thurs: 9am – 12pm6-8
I took AP biology this year, and planning to take SAT 2 bio later this year.
Madhav10Math – BFlexible6-8
I have worked with my sister with her math Homework once in a while. I like being able to teach how to solve problems.
William W.9Math – AMon, Tues: 3pm – 4pm6-8AMC8 Honor roll 7 and 8th grade
Rishathvik10Math – A
Science – A
Mon, Wed: 4pm-6pm
Sun: 10am-11am
I have experience helping others with these subjects and really enjoy it too! I have also participated/won in competitions related to these subjects.
(Up to Accelerated Alg2/Trig/Precalculus or Equivalent) – A
Biology – A+
Mon – Sat: after 3pm6-10
Lab/bioinformatics research in Alzheimer’s, Fragile X, Multiple Myeloma, and immunology; Brain Bee(Neuroscience) National Finalist; Science Bowl
Vikram11Math(up to Alg2Trig): A
English 9H – A
3D Modeling – Self Taught
Mon – Fri: 2pm – 4pm
Sat – Sun: 2pm – 6pm
I am the engineering lead of my robotics team that has made it to world championships. I am experienced with science fairs and engineering projects.
Ricardo 11Math – A-Mon, Wed, Fri: 3pm – 5pm7-10
Have done Math Center tutoring during 10th grade, in 9th grade I used to help my friends outside school when class ended
Siddharth12Chemistry (up to AP)- A
Math (Up to Precalculus) – A
English (up to APENG) – A
Fri, Sat, Sun: 3pm – 6pm7-11
I’ve enjoyed learning about chemistry, math, and English, and am eager to help other students approach these subjects with similar vigor!