This free online tutoring program may be continued through summer 2020 based on the needs of the community and availability of tutors.


Each student is limited to no more than 3 subjects or tutors at a time.


To contact the tutors of your choice, please fill out TUTOR REQUEST FORM


Tutors have discretion to interview and decide if and how to offer online tutoring services to the students.


For service learning hours or any other questions, please email FUSS at


Tutors are listed in the order of grade levels. Scroll to the bottom for K tutors


NameTutor’s Grade LevelSubject(s) / Letter GradeDays / Hours AvailableTutoring Grade Level(s)Brief Intro
Ankita7Math – AMon: 6pm – 7pm
Tue: 6pm – 7pm2 slots available
I am in seventh grade and take eighth grade math which means I am a grade ahead in math. I have not tutored before but, am excited to do so.
Anoushka B.8Math -B
Mon: 10am – 12pm
Tues: 10am – 12pm
Wed: 10am – 12pm
Thur: 10am – 12pm
Fri: 10am – 12pm
Hello, I am Anoushka. I am 14 years old. I will be going to 9th grade, and I have excelled in English and Math in my academic school years so far.
Alexander7Math – B+
World History – A
Tues: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Wed: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Thur: 2:30pm – 3:30pmHow many slots available?
This will be my first time tutoring but i hope that i can continue with this.
Adarsh8Math – A
English – A
Tu, Thur: 3pm-5pm1-4
I have actually created many curriculum in the past and I’ve practiced teaching to younger students. I am diligent in whatever needs to be done.
Sat: 12pm – 4pm1-5
Good at Math and English. I would love to contribute to society.
Eshwary9Math – ASunday1-5I am smart
Lawrence9Math : A
English : B+
Sat : 10am – 12pm / 2pm – 4pm
Sun: 2pm – 4pm
My math skills are strong, and my English skills are near the same strength. Although not very much, I have tutored other students in these subjects before.
Ruth9Math – A
Science – A
Mon – Fri: 3pm-7pm1-5
I am a motivated student, good with younger kids. I have tutored my brother for few years. I want to help students and gain some experience.
Shubha8English – A, A+
Math – A+
Wed-Fri: 3pm-5pm1-5
I’ve always loved helping children with homework. I am in the H. Math Club. I’ve been to writing classes for 3 years in which I’ve won contests.
Avi7Math – A
Art – A
Science – A
Every day except Wed.1-6
Top 5% in nationwide math capability test for all middle and high school students
More than 8 years of experience with Arts; has won my art contest
Delisha8Science – A
Math – B
Sat, Sun: 2 hours anytime
Mon-Fri: 1 hour after 4pm
Tutoring experience : tutoring my brother with mild learning disabilities for the past 3 years
Virtual volunteer:
right now making
e thank You picture notes / card for the medical dept at Arkansas .
Hobbies : Art , solving riddles , reading , piano , origami
Evelyn9Math – A
Biology – A
English – A
Mon: 7pm-10pm
Tues: 8am-12pm
Wed: 8am-12pm
Fri: 8am-12pm
Sat: 9am-12pm
Sun: 3pm-7pm
I tutored 3rd graders when I was in 6th grade in all subjects. In 7-9th, I helped children with disabilities. I help my younger brother with homework.
Keshavi7Math- ATues, Fri: 3pm-5pm1-6
Hi! I’m Keshavi. I am currently enrolled in accelerated math in 7th grade, and I enjoy teaching math, as I find it such an intriguing subject.
Waheed8English- A+
Science- A+
P.E- A+
Math- B
Wed, Fri: 5:00pm-6:00pm or 6:00pm-7:00pm1-6
will be a great tutor and make my classes educational and fun. If it’s science I will do some experiments and explain why and what is happening. Math I will help the student where ever he or she needs help. All the other classes will be fun and helpful.
Same goes for all classes.
Isha10Math – A/B
Science – A/B
English – A/B
Spanish – A/B
Flexible1-6I have tutored several elementary school children before, and I have a younger brother in elementary school who I have helped with school studies throughout his entire elementary school life.
Aadrij8Math – A+
Science – A+
History – A+
Mon: 4pm – 6pm
Sat: 4pm – 6pm
I have had straight A’s in all grades and had success in other academic activities. I am eager to give back to this community by tutoring students.
Anushka V.8Spanish – A
English – A
Math – A
Any weekday1-7
I enjoy helping younger kids and I have worked with children at previous summer camps.
Bharat8Science: A+
Math: A, A+
History: A+
10:00am -11:00am
My name is Bharat. I am an eighth grader. I have had A’s in the above listed subjects since Elementary School. I have always had a passion for learning those subjects, and I feel like I have a good understanding, which would allow me to teach those subjects in a fun and enjoyable way for the kids. I have worked with my younger cousins.
Emily C.8English – A
Math – A-/B
Science – A
Mon-Thurs: 1pm-3pm1-7
As a WEB Leader at my school, I have the leadership skills necessary for tutoring. I have the grades to be reliable source of help and information.
Harsh10Math (up to geometry)- A
Mon or Wed: 2pm-4pm1-7
Hi. I am currently a sophomore and I love to work with kids. I like to play Tennis and hope to start my own business someday.
Aditi S.10Math-A
Mon: 5-8pm
Wed: 6-8pm
Thurs: 5-8pm
Sat: 2-5pm
I am currently a 10th grader. I have tutored grades K-6 as at Fremont Main Library for two years.
Mon – Fri: 3pm- 6 pm
Sat, Sun: 3pm- 9 pm
Hello! I have experience tutoring students at MSJE, Tamil School, and Taekwondo. I have been a accelerated and honors student since 8th grade.
Abhineet11Spanish 1/2/3/AP-A
Algebra 1/2-A
Calculus BC (currently taking)-A
Biology/AP Bio-A
Mon-Fri: 12pm-6pm
Hello! I am a high school Junior who understands that students need strong foundational skills and a bit of encouragement to do well in their classes!
Angie10Math – ATue, Thurs, Fri, Sat: Any time of the day1-8I have helped my siblings with their homework.
Bill9Biology – A
Math – A
Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat: Anytime (1 hour per day)
Tues, Wed: Anytime besides 7pm-8pm (1 hour per day)
Hello! My name is Bill and I am currently a 9th grader! I love teaching others and have always wanted an opportunity like this. I believe in helping students cultivate their own interests and learn on their own pace. No question is ever bad, anyone can ask anything. Thanks and I look forward to tutoring you!
Clement10Math – B
Chinese – A
Mon-Fri: 1pm-4pm1-8
Volunteered for Nonprofit Leadership Camp as Staff, Life Scout of America, also was a ANCCS Summer Camp Volunteer
Divjot11Math (up till Geometry)-AMon, Wed:4pm-6pm
Sat: 10am-12pm
I’ve been in my school’s accelerated math program for the past 3 years. I’m a Girl Scout as well. Leadership and helping out others is important to me
Jennie11Any math up to Pre-Algebra – AAny day of the week up to 6 hours a week1-8
Part of a tutoring club at my school (CORE club) where we go to different elementary schools to tutor children. Very good with kids and communication – used to work at a swim academy as an instructor.
Algebra 1-A
Spanish 1,2,3-A
Hi! I have succeeded in many courses through Grades 1-8 and will be able to help your kids learn to love the subject by learning more about them!
Rushil Shah9Living Earth – A
Science 8 Honors – A
Science 7 Honors – A
Tues, Thurs: 4pm-6pm1-8
I am passionate about science and have participated in competitions such as Science Olympiad and Science Bowl.
Shrinidhi9English Honors/English- A
History/Geography- A+
Science Honors/Science- A+
Physics in the Universe-A+
Biology/Living Earth-A
GFA/Algebra 1- A
Algebra 1- A
Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig- A
Spanish 1- A
Spanish 2- A+
Everyday: anytime between 4pm-8pm1-8
Hi! My name is Shrinidhi and I am a freshman. I am very excited in dedicating my time to educate the people around me and share my knowledge with the world. I believe it is very beneficial to teach my students patiently and to make sure they fully comprehend the subject before moving on to the next. I myself have gone to many tutoring services throughout my education such as TutorSync and MPM, so I have an idea of how to implement ways for easy understanding and what students might lack in application.
I have had an undefeated 4.0 GPA since 4th grade. At school, I take all accelerated/honors classes such as English 9 Honors, Double Accelerated Math of Geometry/Algebra 2 with Trig, and Biology(most advanced science class you could take as a freshman).
I have had experience in educating others through tutoring Spanish 2 kids at my school and attending a science convention at Glenmoor teaching young children the principles of gravity and experiments on how to test that principle.
At school, I am an officer of Key Club and Regional Anchor of GenUp, so I have great leadership skills. I have won 2nd place in Marketing in DECA and passed to quarterfinals in Stanford Speech, implying I have exceptional communication skills.
Other than what has been stated, on the side I specialize in Computer Science, especially Python.
Srishti10Algebra 1 – A
Geometry – A
Algebra 2 – A
Chemistry – A
Tues, Thurs, Fri: 2pm – 5pm1-8
1. Part of the young mentors and STEM tutors club – taught middle and high school.
2. A grade in math .
3. A\B+ in honors Science\English
Joshua10Biology – A
AP Music Theory – A
CM Music Theory – Beginning to Advanced
Sat: 9am – 12 pm
Sun: 9am- 12pm
I am a sophomore. I will teach Biology and Music. I had A+ in both subjects. I can teach CM Theory Levels 1-10 as well as AP Music Theory.
Pratyush9Math – A
English – A
Science – A
I am a 9th grader who has been part of every available honors program and have gotten straight As. I was accepted into the ASDRP program.
Maxine Wu10K-8 Math, Geometry, Algebra,
and Trigonometry – A
K-8 General Science – A
Living Earth (Biology) – A
Honors Chemistry – A
Computer Science: ICS or
other CS related classes – A
Sun, Tues, Thurs:
Mon, Wed, Thurs,
Fri: 3-6pm
1-10Science Olympiad (3 years)
Math Olympiad volunteer teacher (2 years)
USACO Bronze (2019)
Outreach of AHS Girls VEX Robotics
Subramanian11Mathematics – A
English – A
Mon – Thur : 3pm – 4pm1-10
I have tutored English and mathematics for over two years at many youth community centers. I have qualified for some high-profile STEM internships.
Calc BC
Mon, Wed, Fri: 4pm – 6pm1-12
I qualified AIME many times and already finished all high school math, including AP math. I like math and always active in math club, tutoring.
Tvisha8English- A
Math- A
History – A
French (1&2) – A
Mon-Thurs: 3pm-5pm2-5
I have volunteered at libraries and worked with children. I am solid in English, Math, and History. I won the Fremont Elks’ Lodge Essay Contest twice.
Audrey8Math – A
Python (Introduction to Programming) – A
Mon, Wed, Th:
1pm – 3pm
I have participated in AMC8 and has a keen interest + passion in Python programming. I have tutored other students as well as being a TA.
Priyanka11Math – A
Science – A
Last year, I took AP Biology and I am currently taking Chemistry Honors. I was in Math Olympiad in 5th and 6th grade and am taking Precalculus now.
Shruti9Science – A
Spanish – A
Mathematics – A
Mon – Thurs: 10am – 1pm
Sat: 2pm-4pm
I have been a camp counselor for the past summer helping with children ages 4-12. I also attended a STEM camp with an emphasis on science.
Chaitya9Math – A
French – A
English – A
Mon, Tues, Thu:
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Sat : 12 pm to 2 pm
I have exceptional academic skills, and these skills have been reciprocated by my grades throughout my time in school. I am very good at mathematics.
Sachit7Math – ASat: evenings3-4I went to challenger school until 6th grade
Sanjana7English – AWed & Fri: 3pm-4pm3-4
Hi, I’m Sanjana! I am an A student (for all subjects). I haven’t tutored before, but I definitely love working with kids, and I would like to give it a try.
Anay A.7Math, English
Math – B+
English – A
Mon-Fri: 4pm-6pm3-5
I was an Honor Roll student and I am in English Honors right now. I learned lots from the teacher and lessons. I am also fascinated by math.
Nisanth8Math – A/BMon-Fri: 9am-12pm3-5
I like playing guitar, i do martial arts. I am good with solving technological problems. I am in accelerated math in my middle school.
Aneet9Math – A/A+Mon, Fri: 6:30pm-7:30pm3-5
My name is Aneet and I’m a freshman. Math is my favorite subject and I would love to help students solve problems/explain concepts.
Karan9Math – AMon, Fri: 6:30pm-7:30pm3-5
My name is Karan and I’m a freshman. I was valedictorian of my Middle School, been a straight A student and love Math.
Angelina7Math – ATues, Wed: 3pm – 5pm3-6
I have received an A grade in math every year, and I have already helped others in the subject previously.
Anushree7Science – A
English – A
Math – A
Social Studies – A
Mon-Fri: 4pm-6pm3-6
I’m a 7th grader. I’m good at teaching, play the piano, and love to do art.
Jiya7/8Science -B
English – A
Mon, Tues, Fri: 4pm-6pm3-6
experienced education system within US and overseas. This Combination of experience will be a key to great teaching to students in our district .
Mrinali8Science – A/B
Mathematics – A/B
Wed, Mon:
6pm – 7pm
I am 8th grader and have excellent grades in both the subjects. I regularly participate in various science and maths competition. I really want to give back to the students and parents who need help at these tough times. We all are in this together and can come out if this by helping each other .
Vincent8English – A
Math – A
Science – A
Mon – Tues:
I’m patient and flexible and would live the opportunity to help.
Mishika8Math- A
Science- A+
Mon-Fri: 4pm-6pm3-7
I have done Science Olympiad for the past 4 years with varying topics in biology and chemistry. I did Mathcounts for two years in 5th and 6th grade.
Riya10English – A
Math – B+
Bio/ Chem- A/A
Tues – Thur:
4pm – 7pm
I am a sophomore taking Honors/ accelerated courses for all subjects and am active in clubs such as debate, DECA, and SPTSA, and have taught kids.
Serena C.9Math – AMon: 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm
Tues: 3pm – 5pm
Th: 11am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm
Fri: 12pm – 5pm
Sun: 2pm – 5pm
I’m currently a freshmen, and I’ve tutored elementary schoolers before. I really enjoy teaching and working with them!
Spandana8Science – A
Math – A
Mon, Wed, Fr:
3pm – 6pm
I am an 8th grader and I love to teach. Science is my most favourite subject and I have helped my brother understand science and math topics.
Connie9Math up to Algebra 1 – ATues, Thurs:1pm-3pm3-8
I am a friendly and open person with experience in tutoring for 2.5 years.
Danna10English- A+
Spanish- A+
Sat: 5pm-8pm4-6
I have experience with kids, I volunteered at an after school program for a year for grades 1st-6th. Also volunteered tutoring kids from 7th-8th
Gracie7Music – A
History – A
English – A/B
Science – A
Mon, Tues, Th:
1pm – 4pm
Hi. I’m available to tutor for English, Music, History, and Science. Contact me if you need tutoring
Nidhish7Math- A
English- A
Mon, Tue: 2 pm to 4pm
Wed, Thurs, Fri: 2pm to 3pm
I am in English Honors and math accelerated classes. I have consistently been a honor role student for most of fifth grade, all of sixth, and seventh grade. I have a 9 year old sister to whom I explain the concepts of math so she can better understand and execute. Apart from all of the above, I also have a 100% in English. Last but not the least, I am a responsible Boy Scout who has been in scouting since kindergarten and successfully earned a first degree black belt in Karate.
Rithika10Living Earth – A
Elementary School Math (K-6)
Thurs, Fri: 9am – 12pm
Sun: 12pm-3pm
I have worked with some little kids when I worked on the FUSS Student Volunteer Team for the annual talent show. At the rehearsals, there were many younger aged kids who were performing. I have also worked with FUSS for the last year’s Summer Job Fair Program held at American High School. Regarding my Living Earth class, I took it freshmen year and received an A both semesters. Elementary school math is something I will be glad to teach, and I am currently taking Algebra 2 / Trigonometry.
Karthik7Math – A
Science – A
History – A
English – A
Fri, Sat, Sun: 2pm-8pm4-6
A to A+ grades. National History Day(State finals qualifier, finals TBD), Science olympiad(won all events), Won Tech Olympiad, Math Olympiad (Top 5%)
Ava9Algebra 1 – A1
Geometry – B+
Algebra 2 – A
Biology – A-
Mon: after 6pm
Tues, Thurs, Fri: anytime of the day
Sat: before 3pm and after 5pm
Volunteering to teach students in subjects which I love (math and science) would be a really good use of my time and be extremely helpful to them during this difficult time. In my freshman year, I volunteered at Mission San Jose Elementary school and tutored 4th, 5th, and 6th graders twice a week but that soon was closed due to covid-19. When I was in 7th and 8th grade, I volunteered twice a week for 3 hours each time after school to tutor in an after-school which I had previously attended. I helped students from 1st grade all the way to 6th grade. Along with that, the summer of my 7th grade, I took part in a voluntary summer program called Jenny Lin and this showed me what it was like to give back to the community for a good cause.
Anokhi8Math – AMon-Fri: 2m-4pm4-7
I have always loved Math and excelled at it. I am very patient while teaching and have helped my neighborhood kids whenever possible.
Adrish9Math- Algebra, Geometry,
Counting and Probability,
Number Theory, Trigonometry
Science- Physics, Earth Science, Biology
Computer Science- C++, Theory, Problems
Spanish 1 – A
English – AGeometry and Algebra 2- A+
Trigonometry Accelerated (Double Acc.) – A+/A+
Living Earth – A/A
Spanish 2 – A+/A+
English 9 Honors – A/A
Sat, Sun:
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
2:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Qualified AIME & Mathleague Nationals(HS), Silver Rank in USACO, FRC ,Science Bowl:went to semifinals in 7th-9th grades,won medals in Science Olympiad
Tu-Thurs: 4pm-6pm4-8
Hi! My name is Edison. I would love to help out and tutor a student. Currently, I am teaching online classes at FCSN and would love to help students.
Ishani9Math – ATues:
11am – 5pm
3pm – 7pm
10am – 2pm
My passion for math motivates me to help students understand novel concepts, increasing their interest and guiding them on their journey to success.
Spanish 1-A
Wed, Thurs: 3pm-5pm4-8
I have participated in Science Olympiad for the past three years and love to tutor at Oliveira’s Math Olympiad Club outside of school. In school, I have a 4.0 GPA and my favorite classes are those in the STEM fields, although I love to write as well. I am a firm believer in the importance of understanding over memorization, and am willing to put in the necessary time go make sure that students truly comprehend the material they need to learn. I’ve always found joy in learning and am so excited to be able to help others experience that joy as well.
Ronit8Math – A
English – A
History – A
Mon: 3pm-4pm
Tues: 5pm-7pm
Sat 10am-12pm
Sun 10am-12pm
I am very passionate about math, english and history. I have competed in many math competitions and have been in the top 1% in the nation for AMC 8.
Shriya9Science – A
Music – A
Mon, Wed: 3pm-5pm4-8
I have been in band since fifth grade and have been playing piano for 4 years. I have also helped students during homeroom for science.
Arav10Math up to Algebra 2 – A
Earth biology – A
Chemistry – A
Computer Science – A
English – A
Mon – Thur: 6-8 pm4-9
I have experience in computer science, I am strong in mathematics, I know how to teach students
Veda8Math – ATue: 4pm-6pm5-6
I am an 8th grader .  Interest in mathematics generated for me when I was 7 years old.  I got the GATE exam successfully that was conducted in 3rd grade which further developed my interest in mathematics.  I continued on with developing the skills in maths by taking different kinds of coachings outside to see how math as a subject is tutored.  I attended several local competitions in maths to understand the flavor of different kinds of problem-solving skills.  I am looking forward to the challenge to help students who are in need to get that extra help to learn and understand the concepts of maths which is very much required during the 5-6th grades which will be a foundation for future grades.  I appreciate the opportunity!
Anay P.8History – A
Math – A
Mon: 3pm – 8pm
Wed: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Fri: 3pm – 8pm
I have an interest in robotics, WW2 and programming. I do robotics outreach with 5th – 6th grade students. Read more at
Avery9Math – AMon – Fri: 3PM – 5PM5-7
I’ve had straight A’s in math since elementary school. I like teaching others and sharing my math knowledge. I won First Place on Math Kangaroo 2019.
Khushi8(Accelerated) Math – A-
Honors Science – A+
Mon: 12pm – 1pm
Th: 5pm – 6pm
Math: 5-6
Science: 5-7
I am currently in all accelerated/honors classes available and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I believe in learning for understanding and hope I can help!
Leo9Mathematics – A
History/Social Studies/Civics – A
Science – A
English – A
Mon: 10am-11am
Tues: 6pm-7pm
Wed: 10am -11am
Thurs: 2pm-4pm
Fri: 5pm-8 pm
I am a two time AIME qualifier. I believe I have prior experience in tutoring because I have instructed both math and chess classes at MSJE. On other subjects, my grades are usually high A’s, and I qualified for National History Bee and also international history bee. I made quarterfinals in Nationals.
Pranav9Math – AMon, Tues, Thurs:
4pm – 6pm
I have experience teaching kids math from grades 3 – 6. Math is one of my strong suits. I love it and relish at sharing my knowledge with others.
Ritika9Science – A+
Math – A
Mon, Tues, Fri:
I am a Freshman. I have previous experience in tutoring 4th-6th graders at Ardenwood Elementary this year. I have a 4.0 GPA.
Ambareesh9Math – A
English – A
Mon-Fri: 3pm-5pm5-8– Taking double accelerated math
– AIME qualifier
– Part of Jr. High / High School Math Club- Honors English
– Consistently high-scoring essays
Fatimah8Algebra – A
Course 2 and 3 Math – A+
Poetry, Reading Comprehension – A
Enhancing Literary Devices – A+
US History – A+
Python programming (Basic and Intermediate Levels)
Mon – Fri: 10:30am – 6pm5-8
Proficient in Algebra, Geometry, Course 2 and 3 Math, Poetry, Reading Comprehension, Enhancing Literary Devices.
Received A+ grades.
Kaitlyn9Math (PreAlg, Alg 1, Alg2, Geometry) – A+/A
Science – A
Spanish 1-2 – A+
Chinese 1-4 – A
Mon-Fri : after 1 pm
Sat-Sun : after 2 pm
Hi! I’m Kaitlyn, I have maintained 4.0 GPA ever since seventh grade. I volunteer as a tutor and professionally coach badminton athletes.
Max Dai9Accelerated Math – A-
English – A
History – A
French Horn
Tues: 4pm-6pm
Sun: 2pm-4pm
I am interested in teaching Math (In Accelerated class), English, History (very interested, 1st place in County NHD in 8th grade), and Music Instrument (French Horn, TA in Tri-city band and Advance Elementary band)
Ryan8Math – AMon – Fri: 2pm – 4pm5-8
AIME qualifier at 8th grade. Member of Science Bowl regional champ team. All state Honor Band Wind Ensemble. Look forward to working with you.
Sumukh10History – A
Math – A
Science – A
flexible, essentially every
day of the week.
Wed and Sun Preferred.
Max. 3 hours per week.
Winner of multiple regional history bowls and 11th and National history Bowl, 6th in Science Bowl Regionals, two-time AIME Qualifier. Straight As.
Udhav10Pre Algebra- A
Biology -A
English- A
All Days of the week after 10 AM- 10 PM5-8Taught community kids.
Help at libraries.
I have done exceeding well in class.
Have done well as a teacher.
Am really good at explaining topics
Devan10Spanish – A
Algebra 1 – A
Chemistry – A
Biology – A
Mon – Fr:
10am – 12pm
I have an in depth experience teaching kids in Spanish ranging in all grade levels and levels ranging from Spanish 1-3. I can teach algebra 1 and all the courses that come before it such as GFA and intro to geometry. I have a real passion for science and do very well in understanding the concepts. I can teach, 8-10 grade science from chemistry, biology, and basic physics. I also really enjoy History and can teach world, ancient, and modern history. 
Rohan M.10Math (Up to Precalculus) – ATues, Wed, Sat: 3pm-6pm5-10
My name is Rohan. I am in the Double accelerated course and am taking Alg2/Trig/Precalc. I have been taking math classes at RSM, which is an advanced math tutoring class, and am quite confident in being able to teach math.
Arnav8Math- A/BMon, Wed, Fri: 10:am – 11:30am6-7
My favorite areas of math are Algebra and Geometry. I have 4 school-years worth of experience in advanced/accelerated math classes, as I have maintained a passing grade in math ever since I joined the advanced classes. Additionally, I enjoy learning concepts from higher grade levels on Khan Academy, as well as accumulating energy points. However, I have no experience of teaching, but I am willing to take on the challenge of teaching students that are younger than me.
Arush8Mathematics – A
Spanish 1
Mon-Sun: 10am-3pm6-7
I was in Math Club in 6th grade. I learned from my family and AoPS. I am good at algebra. I also did well in Spanish 1.
Andrew W.10Math – A
Science – A+
Tu-Fri: 1:30pm-5pm6-8I am taking Precalculus and Honors Chemistry,
with more than 96% in both. I am also an AIME qualifier.
I have experience tutoring my sister and friends.
Divyanshu10Math – AThurs – Sun: After 3pm for 2 hours6-8AIME Qualifier / Pre Calc Acc: A / Geo-Alg2: A
Hansa9Science – A
Biology – A
History – A
Tues, Thurs: 10am-12pm; 2pm-4pm6-8
I’m a 9th grader. Science and History are two of my
favorite subjects. I love to teach and help others understand.
I was part of the tutoring clubin Eighth grade. During my
Ninth grade, I have tutored a couple of students in Math to
help them understand specific concepts and troubleshoot
problems post tests. I planned to continue this, but unfortunately
the schools closed.Initially, I started by voluntarily helping my classmates. In Seventh grade, some of my teachers would also ask me in class to help other students. This encouraged me and motivated me further and as a result, I have helped a lot of my classmates both in class and after class. I have also been teaching my younger brother at home, and helping him with Math and History.I am a 2018 Tech-Trekker ( AAUW sponsored scholarship to Camp Curie @ Stanford University) and I have been regularly teaching/ presenting at the Mother daughter Stem Discovery days in Fremont and Union City since 2018 -2019 school year. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to help other students online and will be happy to help them to the best of my ability.
Harishankar11US History – A
World History -A
Algebra 1 – B
Honors Science Grade 7 & 8 – A
Mon: 10:00-6:00
Tues-Fri: 10:00 -12:00 1:00-2:00 3:00-6:00
Sat: 10:00-12:30 1:00-6:00
Sun: 10:00-6:00
I have 4.0 gpa in middle school.part of school math club for past 3 years. I have tutoring experience from past.
Madhav9Math – BFlexible6-8
I have worked with my sister with her math Homework once in a while. I like being able to teach how to solve problems.
Navya10French 1 – A
French 2 – A
Biology/Living Earth – A
Sat, Sun: 5pm-7pm6-8
Hello! I have been learning French for 3 years, so I’m very comfortable with it. I’ve also been in Science Olympiad, so I have experience in biology.
Rohan B.9Math-A
Tues: 3pm-5pm
6-8I have been a camp counselor. I enjoy working with kids
William W.8Math – AMon, Tues: 3pm – 4pm6-8AMC8 Honor roll 7 and 8th grade
Ansh11Math – AMon-Fri: 2pm-4pm6-8
I enjoy Math as a subject. I have tutored as homework helper at the local library and enjoy solving problems. I am patient and enjoy teaching.
Rishathvik9Math – A
Science – A
Mon, Wed: 4pm-6pm
Sun: 10am-11am
I have helped my brother, who is in 5th grade, understand a lot of concepts that he didn’t understand at first. I have also helped many of my friends understand certain topics when they ask me for help. I have also done sessions in my parent’s home country of Sri Lanka where I introduced robotics to some of the kids at a local school there.
In addition, I have participated in Science Olympiad 3 times and have won 5 medals. I have also participated in Math League and the AMC 8 and 10 before. I was one of the 3 people that got the highest score at Thornton Junior High on the AMC 8 last year.
Rithwik10History – A
Science – A
English – A
Math – B
Spanish – A
After May 18th:
Mon 2pm-5pm
Tues: 2pm-5 pm
Thurs: 3pm-6pm
Sat 8am-10 am
My name is Rithwik and I am a sophomore. I am extremely interested in genetics, mathematics, and politics. Currently, I am on the double accelerated math class, which means that as a sophomore, I am taking precalculus. I have volunteered at a genetics laboratory for some time, and have taken the SAT Biology subject test. This year, I had the opportunity to tutor freshmen Algebra 1, which led me to appreciate the art of teaching.
Saksham9Geometry -A
Alg. 2 – A
Tri Accelerated – A
I am quite passionate about Math and enjoy solving challenging math problems. I do practice various competitive math problems quite regularly.
I had a distinguished honor role in AMC8 and now preparing for AMC 10
I did a volunteering math boot camp class for middle schoolers for a month before AMC 8, 2019, 8 kids attended that. I am also teaching maths to GATE students at Warm Springs Elementary
Kishan11Mathematics – A
Chemistry – A
Physics – A+
Mon-Fri: 3 pm-5 pm
Sat-Sun: 11 am-2 pm, 5pm-7pm
I have helped coach a MathCounts Team and have been engaged in my school’s math and chemistry tutoring programs.
(Up to Accelerated Alg2/Trig/Precalculus or Equivalent) – A
Biology – A+
Mon – Sat: after 3pm6-10
Lab/bioinformatics research in Alzheimer’s, Fragile X, Multiple Myeloma, and immunology; Brain Bee(Neuroscience) National Finalist; Science Bowl
Calvin10Math – A (every semester)Tues, Thur: 4pm – 5:30pm7-8
I’m interested in mathematics. I participated in the Mathematical Olympic competition. I am patient and have a strong mathematical foundation.
Stephen10MathMon-Fri: 3pm-5pm7-8AIME qualifier for year 2020
tutored sixth graders at W.S. Elementary math club
currently taking Algebra 2/Precalculus.
Aditi C.10French 1, 2, 3 – A
English 7H, 8H, 9H – A
4.0 GPA since 7th
passionate about linguistics
experience w/ middle schoolers (younger brother, volunteering)
can offer general high school advice
Michael10Math – A
Comp Sci
(No grade available)
Mon – Fri: 10am – 12pm
Sat – Sun: 2pm – 4pm
7-9Unweighted GPA 4.0
Programming Languages: Python, Java, C++, Javascript
USACO Gold Division
AIME Qualifier 2020
Passion for teaching and mentoring
Andrew Y.11English – A (all semesters)
Geometry/Trig/Alg 1 & 2/ Calc – A (all semesters)
Chemistry – A (all semesters)
Physics – A (all semesters)
Mon – Sun: 9am-12pm7-10
Science Bowl president, amateur programmer, former youth leader, and general STEM enthusiast.
Inimai10Mathematics (Double/Single/Non-accelerated Geometry, Algebra2, Trig, PreCalculus) – A/A+
Science (Biology and Honors Chemistry) – A+
Honors English – A/A+
French (up to level 4) – A+
Tutor for Double Accelerated Math; AMC8 Honor Roll; Medals in Science Olympiad; Won Science Fair; Young Author Winner (2 years); Grand Concourse: Silver
Sahiti10Math(up to Precalculus(currently enrolled in)) – A / B+
Honors English 9 & Honors English 10 – A / A
I currently work as a math tutor in RSM, Russian School of Mathematics. For nearly two years, I have had experience working with kids of all ages.
Sheryl11Math – A (up to Precalculus)
English – A
Spanish 1, 2 – A (currently taking Spanish 3)
Mon, Wed: after 4pm
Sat: 10am-12pm
I am a junior in high school who loves teaching others. I hope to make you less frustrated with yourself, and to help you find fun in these subjects!
Ileen12Algebra 1 – B
Algebra 2 – A
Precalculus – A
AP Calc AB – B
English (general no essay) – A
General Chemistry: AP Chem – A (ap exam 5)
Math 2 subject test: 800
Chem subject test: 770Open to giving college advice, discussing college, insights on college admissions, helping with college related things, etc
Accepted for Fall 2020 (CS Major) : NYU, Boston U, Purdue, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University, UW Madison
Mon – Fri
After 1pm, 1 hourSun-Sat
After 3 pm, 1-2 hour
7-11Academic tutor (Sept 2019-now): tutored math/english
Math Teaching Assistant (Oct 2019-now)
Girls Who Code SIP 2019
Google CSSI 2020
Ajay12AP Phys 1 & C – A
AP Chem – A
AP Calc BC – A
AP European History – A
AP Stats – A
AP Comp Sci – A
Highly Flexible7-12N/A
Asutosh11AP calculus – A
AP physics – AHonors Chem – AHonors Bio – AComputer science in APCS – A
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sun after 4PM8-10
I have tutored elementary school kids before in math, and have a younger sister that I often help in many subjects. I am especially skilled and interested in technical subjects like math and computer science, although I can teach subjects like chemistry well, too.
Adithya12Precalculus – A+
Calc AB & BC – A+/A+
AP Physics 1: A
Mon – Th: 3pm – 7pm9-11
I have privately tutored for 3 months, have tutored for and lead my school’s tutoring club for 2 years, and run an online study guide website.
Malhar8Math – A
Social Studies – A
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 2pm – 4pmK – 2
I am in eighth grade and a great teacher. I make sure that the student understands and master concepts. I have been teaching my younger brother.
Piper9Math – A
English – A
Tues, Thurs, Fri: 2pm – 3pmK-2
During eight grade I was in a math program where I would tutor other eighth graders who were in a non-honors class. I have a 4.0 GPA.
Mandy8Math – A/B
History – A/B
Mon, Wed, Fri: 2pm-5pm
Tues: 2:45pm-5:00pm
(limit: up to 5 students per week)
My math skills are good enough to be a mini tutor for younger kids. I babysit cousins and friends siblings often, so I have experience with kids. I am bilingual in English and Chinese, so if there is a Chinese language barrier I can definitely help with that.
Anika9Math – A
Science – A
English – A
Mon, Tues, Fri: 3pm-6pmK-6
I am a 9th grader with experience tutoring classmates. I help my brother with homework and teach him guitar. I love science, math, and music!
Ishika8English – A
Science – A
Math – A
Tue, Thurs: 3pm-5pm
Sat: 10am-12pm
I’m graduating 8th grader who likes teaching and helping kids. Although I don’t have proper experience in tutoring, I often help my friends in subjects they are struggling in. I can explain the material in different ways according to your learning preference. I have volunteered in various places, therefore I can work well with people.
Serena L.8Math – A
English – A
Sun: all day
Tues & Thurs: morning or evening
Math: 3-6
English: K-2
I’ve taken all offered English and math Honors classes. Based on past experiences, I work particularly well with younger kids and find it enjoyable!
Sinchana9Math – A
Science – A
Sun, Mon: 4pm-5pmK-6
I am very good with kids and have always wanted to tutor (especially during this time of crisis). I’m so glad I found this opportunity so that I can put my intelligence, passion, and easy-going personality to use. I have taken external classes for these subjects and have always done well in school. I understand how difficult it is to complete our assignments without the classroom ecosystem we’re used to and would love to use my free time to help my peers.
Ishaan7English Honors – A
Science Honors – A
Algebra Accelerated – A
Tues, Wed,Thurs:
K-6— Honors/Accelerated programs
— Science Olympiad
— TA of multiple extracurriculars
— Experience with one-on-one
Naren8English – A+
Band – B+
Science – B+
Math- A+
Sat, Sun: All day
Mon: 4:00-7:00 pm
Tues: 4:00-5:00 pm
Wed, Thurs: 3:00-7:00 pm
As a section leader in band, boys vball team member, volunteer for the Music Dept, & a honor roll student, I think I will provide fun & easy lessons!
Reva8English – A+
Spanish – A+
Science – A+
Math – A
Mon – Sun: after 5pmK-7
I have been always passionate about teaching . want to try and help kids who need attention in these subjects
Radha10Science – A
Math – A
History – A
Sat: 12pm-6 PM
Sun: 10am- 5pm
I love working with children. I have been a kumon teacher for preschool and elementary-aged kids. I look forward to helping kids during this pandemic
Tejas10Math – A
Chemistry – B
Sat, Sun: 2 hours in the morningK-8
I am a sophomore. I am taking Pre-calculus/Alg 2 Trig Accelerated and Chemistry right now and plan to take AP Chemistry and AP Calculus next year. I am very interested in the fields of Math and Chemistry. I love to teach my brother new concepts and help him with his math homework. When my friends have any questions I help them to understand the concept and do problems with them. My friends always reach out to me.
Simran9Science – A
Math – A
English – A
Tues: 10am – 5pm
Wed: 10 am – 2pm
Thur: 11am – 4pm
Fri – Sat:
10am – 5pm
K – 8
I have a younger sister, and I have often helped her with her homework. I have taught her in English, science, and math. I am good with younger kids.
Akshay10CC2 – A
CC3 – A
Algebra 1 – A
Geometry – A
Alg 2/ Trig – A
English 7/8 H – A
English 9/10 H – A
Th: 4pm – 7pm
Sat: 8am – 11am, 2pm – 5pm
Sun: 8am – 11am
K-94.0 GPA(been an honors student since middle school)
Competitive Math
Varsity Volleyball
Life Scout
Have taught many kids Math and English before
Mirelle11Elementary Math – A
Algebra 1 – A
Geometry – A
Science – A
After May 20th:
10am-2pm and
Currently a junior, I have previously tutored other math students. I have received As in all my math classes and other classes prior to junior year.
Maggie11English/English Honors – A
Algebra 1 – A
Algebra 2/Trig – A
AP Biology – A
Thurs, Fri: 3pm-4pmK-10
Hi! I’m Maggie and I have experience teaching not only a tutor, but a swim instructor and volunteer with FCSN as well. I’m excited to work with you!
Nishka11English – A
Math – A
Science – A
(No Weekends)
K – 10
I’ve tutored before through the school’s STEM Success program and I have taught TKD and swimming for several years now.
Sriram11Math- A
Computer Science-A
I love working with children. I have volunteered at the Alameda County Library for the past 5 years, helping children with their homework or teaching them to read. I have performed well in all my classes in school, and hope to help other children do the same.