We are so glad to be able to present a $15,000 check to the Fremont Unified School District tonight at the Board meeting. The money will be used on providing parenting workshops that address student mental/emotional wellness issues.

Even though the amount of donation is very small in comparison to the School District budget, the value of every dollar is priceless, because it stands for the hard work, kind heart and generous spirit of each of our students and FUSS volunteers!

With us tonight were FUSS Interns from American High School, and also students who helped raise money in the past few months:

  • Shooting Stars which is made up of students from various high schools, put together a well-organized week-long test-prep & tutoring workshops for 2nd – 6th graders;
  • Washington High School Taal Dancers did a fantastic, energetic, dazzling and fun-filled Bollywood Fundraising event for our entire community; and
  • with strong support from the school administrators and teachers, Mission San Jose High School students organized and conducted a highly informative and outstanding 1 day Splash STEM workshops for 5th – 8th graders!

For all these workshops, fee waivers and discounts were offered to students whose families struggle with financial hardships.

We look forward to working with more students and volunteers, because by sharing, supporting and learning from each other, we will be able to build up our school community.