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FUSD Students & Staff Launch ‘Promoting Positivity’ Campaign

November 12, 2015

While it’s typically adults praising and rewarding children for good behavior, students at the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) will soon take the lead in their own movement encouraging kindness and compassion toward each other.

With input from FUSD staff and partnerships with local organization ‘Compassionate Fremont,’ the Students United for the Representation to the FUSD Board of Education (SURFBoardE) – a leadership group comprised of high school students – have announced the formation of ‘Promoting Positivity’

“Our students asked for a campaign that went beyond an anti-bullying program that only addresses one type of behavior,” said FUSD TK-12 Induction Coordinator, Kristina Najarro, who also serves as SURFBoardE advisor. “The goal of ‘Promoting Positivity’ is to encourage kindness, compassion and empathy by recognizing and rewarding one another when those traits are demonstrated – while simultaneously creating a record of these actions that the public can follow and be inspired by.”

Thanks to a generous donation from the Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS), FUSD purchased over 10,000 individually-numbered wrist bands, which SURFBoardE members will distribute among FUSD’s 42 schools. When a student is observed acting in a positive way toward other students, he/she will be presented with a band. That student will then be asked to pass the band along to someone they witness demonstrating kindness. As the band is passed from person to person, the band giver is encouraged to log on to this site –, and tell a positive story, enter the band’s number and describe where and why it was awarded. The hope is to create an online ‘path of positivity’ that can be followed by students and the community.

While Promoting Positivity will begin at FUSD schools, students are encouraged to pass bands on to members of the community they witness committing acts of kindness.

“We want this program to expand beyond the school district and encourage our entire community to Promote Positivity,” said SURFBoardE & FUSD Board of Education Student Member, Joshua Basa. “As diverse a City as Fremont has become, I look forward to logging on in the future and seeing our bands and their messages travel all over Fremont and beyond.”