• FUSS is a small 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer-based organization with no paid staff, and FUSS is limited in its capability to facilitate every request for FUSS’ help. FUSS reserves the right and discretion to decide the activities, events, programs, workshops or projects that it will support.
  • FUSS does not provide any financial sponsorships to other organizations because FUSS donates all its net event/program proceeds to support FUSD’s school programs and students.
  • Student/community-organization-initiated events/programs that align with FUSS’ goals to develop students’ leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and offer important learning opportunities are welcome to submit proposals to FUSS.

  • The proposed event or idea should be well-planned, and should include:
    1. a clear goal/purpose
    2. sufficient consideration for the size, scope, and capabilities of all parties
    3. an understanding of the challenges/limitations and a plan of action to address them
    4. a strong argument for what is unique about the event/idea
  • To cover the necessary costs which may be incurred, and to meet FUSS’ fund-raising goal to support FUSD schools and programs, fees will be calculated on case-by-case basis (e.g. use of FUSS logo, arrange facilities and custodial service, provide insurance coverage, promote the event through FUSS newsletters and social media channels, online registration)

Application and Approval Process:

    1. Fill out the Proposal Form
    2. Review by FUSS’ Team
    3. If applicable, prospective applicant(s) may be invited to give a 5-10 minutes presentation (visuals may be used) during FUSS’ meetings, which are generally held on the 4th Thursday of each month (except during summer).
    4. FUSS team will have a confidential discussion. Majority vote is needed for approval.
    5. A FUSS Advisor/Representative may be assigned to the proposed event or project.
    6. FUSS Advisor(s) shall be allowed to observe the program.
    7. Upon approval, FUSSILITATORS AGREEMENT may need to be signed by an adult who is responsible for your event/project.

Once approved, where school facilities will be used:

    • No food, drinks and/or snacks are allowed for sale at the events, unless otherwise cleared by FUSS.
    • FUSS’ Team members should not be expected to act as the staff/volunteer/adult supervisors at your event or activity.
    • Your organization will be responsible for
      • Set-Up / Clean-Up
      • Sign-In / Check-Out
      • Provide your own sound, lighting, recording, photography equipments, computer and tech services
      • Conduct proper accounting and tax reporting.

  • For a program or event that falls under FUSS Cares Project (i.e. project which seeks to address socio-economical needs in our community), special consideration will be given and customized action may be taken.