If you are new to online teaching, here are some resources that can help get you started: 

Tutor Training Video
Before you work with students, we ask that you view this Tutor Training Video by Dr. Julie Xie, an FUSD School Psychologist. In this presentation, Dr. Julie covers: 1) The Importance of Keeping your Personal Information Private; 2) Establishing a Positive Working Environment; 3) Getting the Most out of Working with your Student; 4) Keeping Study Sessions Going when You’ve Hit a Road Bump and more
Personal Safety 
Your safety is very important. If you are using Zoom, please first check out the following Safe Teaching Online with Zoom page. If you feel uncomfortable at any time about things that come up during the tutoring process, we encourage you to talk about it with your parents and trusted adults.

Updating Your Tutoring Information

Once you begin receiving requests to tutor, if you would like to adjust your availability or set a limit to the number of students that you would like to tutor,  please contact us or send us a revised Tutor Sign-Up Form, and we will update the Tutor’s Webpage accordingly.

Please check your email from time to time for tutor requests and other info.

A Beginner’s Tutorial Video for How to Teach/Tutor Online with Zoom (approx 11min)


The Zoom Blog’s Recommendations for Creating a Secure Classroom Environment: