The students from Cal Berkeley (former FUSD students and friends) did a wonderful Tech Talk Forum by sharing their passion about entrepreneurship and computer science with the audience at Fremont Adult School MPR this afternoon.

It is always a blessing to see how older students are willing to help younger students! Code_IT Team is planning on offering 2 summer sessions this summer: Session 1 (June 19 – July 14) and Session 2 (July 17 – August 11).

One of the speakers, Keshav Rao (C.S. Major at UC Berkeley and co-founder/CEO of PeerEditr), has been involved with FUSS since he was a freshman at Mission San Jose High School, raising money to support FUSD schools and student programs. He worked with other students to provide a Speech & Debate Workshop in his freshman year, and 2 Coding workshops in his sophomore year. It is so good to see him continuing to inspire others.