My kids are being tutored by Andrew W., who sounds really good in Spanish and Chemistry. He is very well organized and explanations are pretty well communicated to my kids. They really wait for the class. We are fortunate that my kids are working with him. Thank you!!

My kids are being tutored by Adrish, who sounds really good in Math and English. He is very well organized and explanations are pretty well communicated to my kids. They really wait for his class. We are fortunate that my kids are working with him. Thank you!!

Hi Caitlynn, Thank you so much for supporting Sameer with his school needs during shelter in place.

Michael has been tutoring/helping out Soham with his Python studies since May’23. He has been immensely instrumental in ensuring that Soham has understood the concepts and is able to make significant onward progress. Under his tutelage and guidance, Soham has benefited tremendously.
In my limited interactions with Michael, I have found his responses to be well thought through and extremely articulate.
We all wanted to thank Michael for this timely help. Really appreciate it.


I am writing to express appreciation for the tutoring support that Naren has provided for my son. Naren is enthusiastic and encouraging in his support of helping my child in reading comprehension. Naren also includes his love of music as part of his tutoring. My son has enjoyed hearing Naren play various musical instruments.
Thank you, Naren. We really appreciate your support.

I really like to appreciate Karthik for helping my son !!! the time you’ve taken out of your busy schedule to help my child for math problem. He really liked the way to teach him. Thank you once again 🙏

My name is Carol and my son Jamie is the 5th-grade student from Hirsch elementary school.  Thank you so much for organizing youth tutor during this difficult period while kids are out of school without guidance.
I like the profile of youth tutor, Sriram from Mission San Jose High School.  We are very grateful to find a kind mentor.
Thank you so much for doing this to help kids to overcome school closure.

I sincerely appreciate the time by people making tremendous efforts in making this wonderful place for kids.

In this pandemic situation, kids at home are not only lack of help with school assignment directly from teachers, but also more importantly isolated from the society.   As a parent of two elementary kids, I feel the pain, like all other parents.

This tutoring program is so helpful in connecting the kids together.

I signed up this program for my 1st grader son that he recently has challenges at school writing.  Every time, it takes hours for him for his writing assignment without knowing what to say, where to start and how to finish.

Originally I think it may be good to have a senior student tutoring my younger little ones so that they may have common topics, the tutor may give younger kid tips and ideas based on their own experience.

Today, my 1st grader son received his 1st session from Celina, 9th grader with Mission San Jose.

Tutor is so impressive.  She is awesome.  She is patient in listening in needs of young students.  She immediately found out solution by giving a tool that kids can play a game to find adventure for their writing stories.  She also has a plan to ask my son preparing writing a story together at next session.  She also shared her own school essay that my young kid admired how difficult it is for a 9th grader.   

My 1st grader son is thrilled at this tutoring program.  He and his tutor also shared their same interests and more discussion in Pokemon game.  My son agreed that his tutor is great.

It surprised me, the session is only 15-20 minutes.  However, this short tutoring event, it can help with building great values in  developing skills in responsibility, time management, scheduling and communication.   Social skills is so much important together with academic skills which lead future greater success in life.
 This 15-20 minutes tutoring event  makes the time meaningful.  Kids may be playing games or watching YouTube, if without this tutoring session.   However kids can look at outside world by communicating with other kids.   It is valuable and meaningful. 

I am sure when my kids growing up, I will encourage and I am sure they will be interested in signing up this program in helping other kids same as they have received help via this tutoring program.

Thank you so much to the organizer and thank you for tutors offering help to young learners.