Naren J. has been helping Anika (2nd grade) on Math and English tutoring since last few months. His tutoring skills are excellent and he can provide clear instructions in class and also assigns homework to enforce learning during the week. He is well prepared during the class and easily adopt for any changes based on Anika’s learning skills.
Thanks you Naren for all your efforts.

We are really thankful to Tanmay teaching our son Spanish. He enjoyed  learning new language and got familiar with basic Spanish words and numbers.His assignments also helped Anirudh to practice the work and get organized. Appreciate all his efforts in taking up these sessions with Anirudh. Wishing good luck for all his future endeavors. 

Thank a Ton Tanishq, for your dedicated sessions with Vachi. We really appreciate your time and efforts. She always looked forward to these sessions.  All the very best for your school year!

I really wanted to appreciate and thank you to Rishathvik for teaching my child Math and science. He really enjoyed and learned, in fact he wanted to learn in that way only. Rishathvik is well organized and very much proficient in subjects.
Thank you for the services Fuss provided through out the summer.

We would like to thank Inimai for her effort and dedication who was tutoring Math and English to my son during this time. We really appreciate all your help and dedication you have shown throughout the tutoring sessions. Preet really enjoyed working with you and in his own words, “Inimai is really a very good tutor and she is very organized and understanding, she is on the spot for all the work as soon as we are done with the tutoring session.”
Thank you Inimai for your help and hard work you have done while taking out time from your busy schedule, Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.

First of all Thank you so much FUSS for organizing an online tutoring platform during these tough times. This model has really helped.
We would also like to applaud Rachna‘s efforts and dedication, with whom my son had the privilege to learn Spanish during the Shelter in place and even during this summer vacation.
My son has really started to gain more interest in Spanish and all credit goes to Rachana for relentlessly teaching and explaining the concepts of learning the language.
In my son’s words, “Rachana is really not just a great tutor but she is very fun and friendly to work with, she explains everything thoroughly. Once the school starts, I am waiting to meet Rachna in the school”
Once again, thank you Rachna for all the great work you have done and we wish you all the best for your bright future.



Hi Aditi G.,
Thank you so much for all your efforts, it’s been a wonderful summer learning for the kids, they of course learnt a lot of new things and strategies from you, all the very best for you high school.

Anushree has been tutoring my son for the past two months for the subject of social study. My son has benefited a lot from her tutoring. Thanks a lot for your organization to provide this program. Here are the feedback to Anushree from my son directly.  Thanks, Yan

I think Anushree is a very good teacher. She is very responsible and always on time for every single class. She is encouraging and reads from the textbook very smoothly without lag. She knows where it is hard for me to understand or remember and explains it to me. Lastly, Anushree asks me questions about the text to test if I understood it. Overall, Anushree is an excellent teacher.

from Maximilian  (incoming 5th grade in the MSJ attendance area)

I can’t express enough appreciation to our tutor: Amy, for teaching my 4th grade son to write. Amy took her job very seriously with great passion. Not only did Amy came to classes on time, with self-prepared materials, but also, she paid full attention to my son. With a structured tutoring plan, Amy diagnosed first, found that my son couldn’t write proper sentences, with lots of grammar errors. Therefore, Amy started tutoring with grammar lessons 2 hours per week, created PowerPoints for lecture, gave excises after each topic, which I believe Amy must have spent lots of her time to put these materials together. After my son improved on writing sentences after 12 lessons, Amy started to teach my son how to write paragraphs with topic my son chose. I still remembered how Amy helped my son to describe Pizza. Amy told to my son: “Use your imagination. image one time you ate your favorite pizza, you held a slice, how it smelled, how it looked; when you put in into your mouth, how it melted in your month, how the chess stretched……. Use these sensory words to give vivid description….” Amy went on with my son to find the words/sentences to structure the paragraph. This is just one example of many how Amy taught in an effective way. After 6-7 hours paragraph lessons, Amy moved on with writing essay. She drew diagrams/outlines to help my son plan, draft, and write essay. Amy wasn’t just sitting there. She worked together with my son writhing essays from planning to editing/revising. I was very impressed because Amy, just a high school student, demonstrated strategic plan on volunteer teaching. Amy must have put enormous efforts on it. I really wish Amy to teach my son longer, but I understand she has school and other commitments. Here I just want to express my gratitude to FUSS, and all the volunteers who spent their precious time on volunteering, especially to Amy, can’t say THANK YOU enough for your dedication. You did an exceptional work!

Dear Sanjana S,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all efforts
you have made this summer to teach Kashvi. From day one, she enjoyed each and every lesson of yours and used to look forward to next class. I really appreciate the way in which you helped her learn new concepts in Math and English. I am very impressed with your dedication and hard work and wish you all the best for your future.

Saniya K.,

Thank you so much for your time, patience, and dedication to teaching Nandini. She enjoyed your class thoroughly and learned a lot during this time about the English language. Your feedback is point on and I am planning to work on the parts where she is lacking.
Thank you again for all the selfless and engaging teaching again. You certainly have skills to make it happen.
Best wishes for a happy and successful school year.

I would like to sincerely thank and appreciate Harsh for spending his valuable time teaching science lessons to my son.  Each week, he prepared the content based from my son’s school text book such as heat, light, electricity, sound, forces, energy, motion just to name a few.  He would even assign a few questions from the text book to my son as homework. My son really felt he didn’t miss learning science at school during shelter in place, because Harsh was able to continue his science lessons virtually with him.   The best part was, I saw my shy son start asking more questions and looking forward to Harsh’s science lessons as the weeks went on since he taught science in a fun way.

I would like to wish Harsh much success in his junior year this upcoming school year ahead!

Thanks for all your help!

This is a message to my teacher, Aditi G., who taught me a lot and helped me understand writing and science better! Thank you so much for helping me succeed!

From Shivika

Anushree  – A huge and sincere THANK YOU for all your help with tutoring my son these past few months!  He really enjoyed learning from you on how to improve his writing and reading skills.  Every week, he would look forward to his tutoring time with you!  As a parent, I’m impressed with your high sense of responsibility and dedication to helping the community at your age.   Keep up the great work!
In our son’s words to you – “Miss. Anushree – Thank you so much for all your help! Each week, you gave me unique writing topics that made me think differently and taught me how to not repeat sentences and write focused paragraphs.  What I really loved about your style of teaching is you are very interactive.  I liked taking turns reading the books out loud.  Reading out loud is a fun activity we don’t quite often get a chance to do.  I especially enjoyed how you picked fun books like Fantastic Mr. Fox and Mattilda to read!  You made the tutoring time feel fun and I will miss you during the school year.  I wish FUSS could let you continue your tutoring to me during the school year too! “

Dear Joshua,

We wanted to thank you deeply for all your sincere help that you provided our son.  Your help in piano music theory explanation and the specific corrections to all the music pieces these past few months were instrumental.  It was extremely timely help as shelter in place kicked in, and having his regular piano classes transition to virtual, and all the while as he prepares for his piano exam.  Your suggestions on how he may get over stage freight were very insightful.  We were particularly amazed at your ability to correct his pieces diligently on hearing him play virtually.  Every early Sunday mornings, you were ready to tutor and patiently made corrections on his musical pieces and provided your corrections digitally immediately after the tutoring session.  Your ability to use the technology of logging into multiple devices so the student can see you and your piano was a brilliant idea.    Thank you so much for all your sincere volunteering help in getting him to do an excellent job on his piano exam audition.  We couldn’t have done it without your help!

Abby Is tutoring my 2 children and I we are just amazed how she is performing the sessions, she is making huge progress with them.

We are really blessed to have her as a tutor, nothing could be better and I would like to congratulate all the FUSD for this huge help for all the families in need of tutoring.  Appreciate very much your help Abby!!!

It was an awesome experience my son was having with the tutoring session organized my FUSS and thank you very much for organizing them. I would like to appreciate my son’s Science and English tutor Delisha for delivering nicely organized, structured, interesting tutoring sessions to my son very interactively.  As parents we were closing watching tutoring sessions and it was really great that Delisha delivered lessons using various online resources very effectively.  My son was always waiting for Delisha’s class as she was delivering the lessons and having quizzes from what she delivered and it made him really engaged in the lessons and it was great fun and made him really motivated.  It is a superb way of keeping the learner engaged and enthusiastic to the lesson and I am really happy to say that I got a great tutor for my child. Finally I would like to congratulate  Delisha for all her future endeavors and wish her best of luck for her high school.

As soon as I found out about online tutoring of FUSS ,I filled up the form requesting for math tutor for our incoming 8th graders and thanks to FUSS for quick response to connect our boys with Raghu as a  math tutor.
Raghu is very sincere and teaches them thoroughly and asks them whether they have any concerns after each class. According to our boys, his teaching method is very similar to the Junior school math honors teachers. He is caring and very responsive. Raghu is  so friendly to them that every day they waits for the class and then go to play games.They also said  that when they are at high school, they would like to be a tutor like Raghu and help our community.
Thank you Raghu for all your efforts.We hope all the best for Raghu.

We are really thankful for Anika teaching our son in Math, English and Science. He enjoys learning everything she teaches him. We have never seen him enjoy learning as much as he did when she teaches him. We hope she teaches a lot more students and makes so many more people happy like she did to our son Anirudh.

Note From Anirudh: Your classes are the best. Wishing Good luck for all your future endeavors

I would like to appreciate Miss Shubha for her hard work and dedication . She is teaching like a professional teacher! My daughter Sannanda love her teaching style and every class she looks forward to learning something new. Thanks for providing guidance and taking your valuable time for the teaching sessions.Wish  you best of luck Shubha for your future success.

I would like to thank Shubha V. for being a great tutor. I really feel great to have you as Anish’s tutor. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication in teaching Anish. My appreciation for you is much greater than these words. You are awesome, tutor!
Note from Anish (Student)
thank you for being such an amazing tutor and for all your help in essay writing.

Firstly thank you FUSS for organizing this online tutorials this summer. During this pandemic when our kids are stuck at home, it is a nice experience to get connected with high schoolers and expedite the two way learning process.
Thanks to Shriya G for  teaching my daughter Prisha so well. She is well organized, patient and friendly in her tutoring approach. Thanks for providing guidance and taking your valuable time for the teaching sessions. And I would like to send my best wishes to Shriya for her future success.

Big thanks to Asutosh who helped me a lot with learning java. It’s very fun and enjoyable!

I’d like to take time to express our gratitude for the Free Online Tutoring FUSD Students
Big shout outs to Ruth who is amazingly patient and smart to answer all questions from Paul for Math and Science. Paul always looks forward to the tutoring!
Big thanks to Fatimah who is a Python guru and Paul learns so much!
Thank you Emily C who is incredibly patient to Grace and brings a lot of joy of learning all the time.
We really appreciate Spandana who set morning time off to tutor Grace and her class management skills!
We are grateful to come across FUSS Tutoring Program this summer. Student tutors are heroes who contribute their precious time to connect with young kids and boost positive attitude!

I would really like to thank Shubha V for helping my daughter ,Tanishka , with English. She is an amazing tutor and teaches the concepts really well. We really appreciate her way of teaching. Tanishka is so grateful to have Shubha as her tutor. Thank you Shubha!

Note from Tanishka (student)

I am so glad to have you as my tutor Shubha V. I have learnt so much during these weeks. You have  explained everything so nicely. You are a wonderful teacher. Thanks a lot Shubha!

Thank you very much for organizing the FUSS tutoring session and I would like to appreciate my son’s math tutor Chaitya for spending his valuable time for tutoring my son with a nice and innovative manner while keeping him interested in the lesson. I personally attended in the background with his lessons and Chaitya doing a great job by giving him challenges and appreciations and motivation skills.  It is a superb way of keeping the learner engaged and enthusiastic to the lesson and I am really happy to say that I got a great tutor for my child. Finally I would like to congratulate  Chaitya for his skills and his future success.

Mishika is a wonderful tutor!
She is super organized and always on time. She responds to questions promptly and clearly. She has an excellent work ethic and takes ownership of her responsibilities as a tutor.
She has been excellent in identifying areas that my daughter needs help with and focusing really well on getting a jump start on math and science. She was more than happy to teach English too when we requested her.
She is patient and encourages my daughter to think on her own when trying to solve problems. She sets a great example for younger kids to be hardworking, disciplined and responsible.
My daughter looks forward to her lessons with Mishika! We’d love to tutor with her in the future as well and we wish her the best!

This is the time to tell a big Thanks to u guys for making team, and spending ur time  with students in this crisis.. Wanna say thanks to Srishti who’s helping my kid ,  in 3rd grade from Tom Maloney Elementary school..  My kid like very much the way she teaches for Math n English..  Thank you so much

My name is Rosa and my son is Miguel, we are very grateful with Edison, he has been tutoring him in Math and English twice a week. He is very patient and organized. Also, he has been supporting my son a lot with math problems and writing in English, his efforts are appreciable. I am very happy that my son is working with him. Thank you very much.

My tutor is simply outstanding! I struggle with Science and Hansa has helped me so much! Instead of just reading everything off the book, she makes me absorb the information in a way I can understand. She gives examples for every thing and that helps a lot. I remember what she is teaching me even after a long time! By far, she is the best student tutor I have ever had! My tutor’s name is Hansa and I would like to recommend her! My name is Dheekshana and I am a 7th grader.


Many thanks to our awesome tutor Shubha V, who has been helping my son Charles with reading and writing. She is very patient and resourceful. Charles enjoys the time with her, and has improved both in skills and in study attitude. Thank you so much Shubha!

We are humbled and grateful to the organizers and the tutor Aditi G. She is helping my daughter Mahi twice a week for math and science. My daughter likes the way she teaches. We really appreciate your time and support. Thanks a lot 🙂

My daughter’s tutor is Mishika A. She is an awesome tutor.She is helpful and very encouraging.She is very prompt in answering questions . She made learning fun and simple . I would more than happy if she could tutor my daughter next summer. Lastly we would like to thank Mishika for her guidance for all the extra efforts.

I thank my Tutor Maxine W. for been persistent with my kid. She has been tutoring him in Math and coding. She’s been very communicative and interactive. Her efforts are appreciable. My kid has getting lot of help from Maxine.
We thank U Maxine for been so helpful.

My son, Rayyan, and I, Mrs. Raunak, would like to give a huge  shout out to Vaibava V. as he has been helping my son with math and English twice a week.  It’s a pleasure working with him and a Rayyan has been kept on track and loves his methods of tutoring. Thank you Vaibava!

Chaitya has been doing great in his sessions with Aayansh. He understands the areas that Aayansh needs help with and challenges him with questions that’s  helped him strengthen his concepts further. Chaitya is patient in explaining the concepts. Overall, Aayansh is having a great time learning from Chaitya.

Navya was patient with my son. I was very impressed because he got the information so quickly and understood her so well. Thank you so much for jump starting him for Algebra 1

My kids are being tutored by Andrew W., who sounds really good in Spanish and Chemistry. He is very well organized and explanations are pretty well communicated to my kids. They really wait for the class. We are fortunate that my kids are working with him. Thank you!!

My kids are being tutored by Adrish, who sounds really good in Math and English. He is very well organized and explanations are pretty well communicated to my kids. They really wait for his class. We are fortunate that my kids are working with him. Thank you!!

Hi Caitlynn, Thank you so much for supporting Sameer with his school needs during shelter in place.

Michael has been tutoring/helping out Soham with his Python studies since May’23. He has been immensely instrumental in ensuring that Soham has understood the concepts and is able to make significant onward progress. Under his tutelage and guidance, Soham has benefited tremendously.
In my limited interactions with Michael, I have found his responses to be well thought through and extremely articulate.
We all wanted to thank Michael for this timely help. Really appreciate it.


I am writing to express appreciation for the tutoring support that Naren has provided for my son. Naren is enthusiastic and encouraging in his support of helping my child in reading comprehension. Naren also includes his love of music as part of his tutoring. My son has enjoyed hearing Naren play various musical instruments.
Thank you, Naren. We really appreciate your support.

I really like to appreciate Karthik for helping my son !!! the time you’ve taken out of your busy schedule to help my child for math problem. He really liked the way to teach him. Thank you once again ?

My name is Carol and my son Jamie is the 5th-grade student from Hirsch elementary school.  Thank you so much for organizing youth tutor during this difficult period while kids are out of school without guidance.
I like the profile of youth tutor, Sriram from Mission San Jose High School.  We are very grateful to find a kind mentor.
Thank you so much for doing this to help kids to overcome school closure.

I sincerely appreciate the time by people making tremendous efforts in making this wonderful place for kids.

In this pandemic situation, kids at home are not only lack of help with school assignment directly from teachers, but also more importantly isolated from the society.   As a parent of two elementary kids, I feel the pain, like all other parents.

This tutoring program is so helpful in connecting the kids together.

I signed up this program for my 1st grader son that he recently has challenges at school writing.  Every time, it takes hours for him for his writing assignment without knowing what to say, where to start and how to finish.

Originally I think it may be good to have a senior student tutoring my younger little ones so that they may have common topics, the tutor may give younger kid tips and ideas based on their own experience.

Today, my 1st grader son received his 1st session from Celina, 9th grader with Mission San Jose.

Tutor is so impressive.  She is awesome.  She is patient in listening in needs of young students.  She immediately found out solution by giving a tool that kids can play a game to find adventure for their writing stories.  She also has a plan to ask my son preparing writing a story together at next session.  She also shared her own school essay that my young kid admired how difficult it is for a 9th grader.

My 1st grader son is thrilled at this tutoring program.  He and his tutor also shared their same interests and more discussion in Pokemon game.  My son agreed that his tutor is great.

It surprised me, the session is only 15-20 minutes.  However, this short tutoring event, it can help with building great values in  developing skills in responsibility, time management, scheduling and communication.   Social skills is so much important together with academic skills which lead future greater success in life.
This 15-20 minutes tutoring event  makes the time meaningful.  Kids may be playing games or watching YouTube, if without this tutoring session.   However kids can look at outside world by communicating with other kids.   It is valuable and meaningful.

I am sure when my kids growing up, I will encourage and I am sure they will be interested in signing up this program in helping other kids same as they have received help via this tutoring program.

Thank you so much to the organizer and thank you for tutors offering help to young learners.