To help students recover from learning loss, FUSS hopes to provide free online tutoring support for FUSD students who need to catch up on various subjects this summer. This program will be offered from June 10 – August 6. FUSS reserves the discretion to give priority to students who need the most help, and make tutor referrals based on the availability of tutors.

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Your NameGrade in FallSubjectsDays/HoursTutoring Grade LevelsBrief Intro
Ananya7English – A+
Math – A+
Mon: 4pm – 5pmK-1
I have gone to many math competitions and English story competitions. I also have experience of teaching my 4 year old sister phonics and addition.
Shubham10Math- AMon – Fri: 2 hrs
2pm – 4pm
Hrishik9Math – B+Mon, Thurs: 11am – 1pmK-4
I have gotten into accelerated when I was in 7th grade. This is my first time tutoring, so I am excited to try out this new, fun, learning experience
Dakshin8Math – A
Social – A+
Science – A
Mon, Tues, Thurs:
3 to 4 hours a week
I am an honors student in English, Math and Science. Last summer I taught Math to two 2nd graders online and I also help my sister with her HW every day.
Deetya10Math – A/A+Mon-Fri: 12pm-4pm
(can adjust according to needs)
I am in accelerated math. I have been in a Russian math class for the past 2 years. I have all A’s and enjoy helping others; I have not tutored before
Harshita9Math-AMon, Wed, Fri:
btw 12pm – 4pm
I have been doing RSM (Russian School of Mathematics) for over 5 years now and my math grades have risen throughout the years.
Jugal K.8English
Mon & Tues: 10am – 12pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm – 2pm
Good with creative writing, good conversational skills. Can teach history and science in a very interesting manner.
Maggie11English – A
Math – B+/A
Mon, Wed, Fri: after 2pmK-5
I am one of the leaders of a tutoring organization helping underprivileged students get the education they need!
Sat 10am-12pmK-5
I have experience in teaching piano to kids and also help my younger brother (5th grade)with his homework especially checking his writing assignment.
Pranaya8Math – A
English – A
Social Studies – A
Writing – A
Mon: 1pm – 2pm
Tues: 2pm – 5pm
Wed: 2pm – 6pm
Fri: 3pm-6pm
In my 7th-grade year, I taught a 4-year-old girl how to read and write. I also taught my brother (2nd grade) and my cousin (2nd grade) all subjects.
Samhita10English – A
Math – A
Science – A
Mon – Fri: 2 hours
Can be flexible
I have been tutoring fourth grade this past year. I have been in honors/accelerated programs. I am well organized and I love to help kids.
Adit10Math – A
Science – A+
Mon – Fri
2-3 hours per week
I am a rising sophomore, a tutor & curriculum coordinator. I love sharing my experiences & creating fun environment.
Anika11English – A
History/Social Science- A
Biology/Earth Science – A
Chemistry – A
Tues, Fri: FlexibleK-6
I was an online tutor last year for FUSS. I’m returning to continue encouraging critical thinking and a love of learning in students this summer.
Kabita10Math – A
English – A
Mon – Thurs: FlexibleK-6
I have about 2 years of teaching/tutoring experience. I also love to work with and teaching kids.
Jessica9English – A
Math – A
Mon: 10am-2pm
Tues – Thurs: flexible
Fri: 10am-3pm
When I lived in Thailand, I used to offer help to teach English to Thai students for free, and I had fun doing so.
Mon-Fri: 12pm – 4 pm
Sat/Sun: 10am -12pm
I have assisted multiple people with their work during and outside of class. I am currently in the honors and double accelerated path for math.
Anvi10English – A
Creative Writing – A
History – A
Algebra 1 & Lower – A
Mon – Thurs: 10am – 5pm
(1-2 hour slots)
I’ve always had a passion for all these subjects, especially english & writing, and would much enjoy teaching!
Saahil11MathEveryday after 4 pmK-8
-I currently tutor 10th-grade friends
-All Honors & Double Accelerated Program since Jr. High
-FLL Robotics
-USATT Table Tennis National Level Winner multiple years
Sairisheeth10Math (Elementary, Middle, Algebra 1, Geometry) – A+
Biology – Grade A
Physics / AP Physics 1
Straight “A” student in Stem: Accelerated Math(Covers Algebra 2/Trig & Precalculus), Biology, Physics, honors chemistry.
Khadija10English Language Arts/
Composition/Creative Writing
/Shakespeare -A

History -A

June 12th-21st &
June 29th- July 9th
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri:
Wed: 1pm – 3pm
Sat: 4pm -6pm
I have not got the opportunity to tutor before, but am excited to start, and am confident of my competence, especially in English. I also have an A in Art.
Jyothi11Math – B+
English – A
History – A
Mon – Fri: after 4pm
Sat: after 3pm
I am very confident in math and English. I am fond of, and interested in reading and writing, for History and English, and enjoy solving problems.
Akshera10Math – A/B
English – A/B
Thurs & Fri:
1 hour a week.
I have helped my siblings with their homework; and also my classmates.
Spandana10Math – A+
English – A+
Science – A+
Mon: 9am – 12pm; 3-5pm
(30′ – 1 hr. each student)
Thurs: 1am-12pm; 3-5pm
(30′ – 1 hr. each student)
I love teaching young kids and I mentored students before. I have taught Math, Science, and Bollywood Dance to grades 1-5.
Lalith9Math – A+(up to Alg. 1)
Honors English – A
Mon: 3-4 pm
Thurs: 4-5pm
I am a straight A & Honor Roll student. I am also a Club leader, and I had prior experience with this tutoring service.
Mohammad8English – B
Math – B+
Science – B+
Tues, Wed, Thurs:
5:30pm – 9:30pm
I can explain math properly. I am taking honors math. I enjoy teaching and learning science.
Ruth11Math – A
Science – A
History – A
Spanish 1 – A
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri:
1pm – 5pm
(can adjust based on needs)
I was a tutor for FUSS last year and I enjoyed teaching through the program so I am excited to do it again this year. I enjoy math and science.
Tehreem10Math – B
English – A
Wed, Thurs: 8-11am1-6
I’ve always had a passion for teaching while growing up. I also have tutored my younger siblings in the past.
Rushil11Science grades K-8. This includes Earth Science and basic biology.
Math grades K-8, up to Algebra 1.

Honors Science (8th) – A
Living Earth (9th) – A
Chemistry Honors (10th) – A
Pre-Calculus/Algebra2/Trig (10th) – A

Mon: 4-5:30pm
Wed: 4-5:30pm
Thurs: 4-5:30pm
I am passionate about math, science. I have prior programming experience. I also have taken programming courses in the past including Programming in Java at ATDP and pass
I also have experience in tutoring others and coding. Last year, I helped run a coding camp teaching HTML/CSS/JS. *Basic HTML/CSS/JS / I also have an A in ATDP – Java Programmingd
Delisha10Math – A
Science – A
Mon – Fri:
2 – 3 hours per week
I tutored 3 students , last summer through FUSS, currently an outreach officer, experimental Biology tutor & curriculum coordinator.
Nadeen9Math – AMon – Thurs:
11:00am – 2:00pm
I’ve taken extra-curricular classes on this subject, and developed stronger math skills.
Nikita8English – A
Math – A
Mon:10am -10:45am
Tues:10am -10:30am
I am currently in English Honors and Accelerated Math. I enjoy teaching.
Akshobaya9Math – A
Science – A
Mon, Wed, Fri: 2PM – 4:30PM
Sat: 2PM – 5 PM
I am currently an honors math student. I have competed in K-7 science fairs every year and have won the 6th grade district science fair.
Amogh8Science – A
Math – A
Mon: 2pm – 4pm
Tues: 10am – 12pm
I have a big interest in science and math, and I am in Science honors and accelerated math. I have also taught students before about these subjects.
Aneet11Math – A/A+Mon/Wed/Fri: 5:30pm – 8pm3-5
I am interested in tutoring Math, have consistently received A/A+ in Math throughout middle/high school.
Karan11Math – A/A+Mon/Wed/Fri: 5:30pm – 8pm3-5
Math is my favorite subject and I’d love to help students solve problems/explain concepts.
Nidhi9English – A
Math – A
Mon: 6pm-8pm
Wed: 6pm-8pm
I’m a responsible student. I have experience coaching my younger brother. I work efficiently with others. I have excellent grades in English & math.
Samuel8Maths – AMon: 10 am – 12 pm
Thurs: 10 am -12 pm
I like math both learning and teaching. As part of FTC, my team and I taught math and scratch computer programming to 3-5 grade kids.
Aadrij10Math, A
Science, A+
English, A
Mon 4 pm – 6 pm
Tues 4 pm – 6 pm
I have been an FUSS tutor for 1.5 years now and have experience in tutoring for Math and Science, as well as piano.
Bhavya8Math – A/A+
Science, – A/A+
Writing/English – A/A+
Mon, Fri, Sunday, Wed- 10 am-6 pm (as of now)
Tue, Thu – 10 am – 3 pm
I have experience tutoring students in multiple subjects, have a 4.0 GPA, and am in all honors classes. I also take math and science contests.
Mihika8Math – ATues: 2pm-4pm3-6
I can explain math properly. I am taking honors math. I enjoy teaching and learning science.
Sreshta10Math – AMon-Fri: after 6pm3-6
I was a tutor in my ninth-grade in a year-long program where I taught kids in grades 3-7 and helped them with homework.
Astha10Math – AMon, Tues, Thurs, Sun:
11:30am – 1:30pm
I’m skilled at math topics. I’ve had honors math throughout all my school years. And I love to work with kids.
Rohan9Math and science .
Math -A
Science -A
Mon – Fri: 9:00am -12:00 pm
Can adjust based on needs
I am a rising freshman. I enjoy doing math and was in the math counts team of my junior high school.
Rhea12Spanish – A
English – A
Math – A
Biology – A
Mon, Wed: 9am-12pm
Felxible as per needs
I have been tutoring kids in Math and Spanish for almost 15 months. I have also worked as camp counselor for students summer camp.
Rohit11Math-AMon-Fri: 3pm-7pm3-8
I enjoy teaching math and have experience through math competitions and tutoring students in the past as well.
Sharva10Math – A
Science – A
Mon – 12pm – 7pm
Tues – 3pm – 7pm
Wed – 3pm – 4pm
Thurs – 3pm – 7pm
Fri – 3pm – 7pm
Sat – 12pm – 5pm
Sun- 12pm – 5pm
Mathematics and Science both honors. Have brief tutoring experience from school in helping out in math.
Zahabiya10Science- ATuesday: 12pm – 2pm4-5
I have a very good method of teaching and I can be very patient. I have not had any professional experience but I have helped people study.
Mon: 1-3pm
Tues: 1-3pm
I helped teach other students in and below my grade level. I love to share my knowledge with others.
Sripathy8English- A
Mon: 10am – 3pm for 2 hours
Wed: 10am – 3pm for 2 hours
I have written a book with friends, been part of student council, had perfect semesters in math and have helped younger students with subjects before.
Harshitha10Math – A
English – A
French – A
Mon- Sun:
2pm- 6pm
My skills consist of Math, English, and French. I’ve had experience, with teaching some other people in the past. I have an A in every subject I took.
Hilary12English – A-
AP English – A-
Lifeguard and swim instructor since 2019, teaching swim lessons to adults and children, leading and persuading to be active.
Joel9Math – AMon-Fri: 3pm-6pm5-6
I would like to tutor Math. Specifically Algebra 1. Currently I am apart of the double accelerated pathway in American High School. Right now, we have finished half of the Algebra 2 curriculum, and I have received a 98% in this subject. I am a computer scientist at the moment who is also pursuing the career path of a data scientist, meaning that I have great math skills.
Ethan9Math – A/BMon: 10am – 12pm5-7
I am at Honors level.
GATE Student.
Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm5-7
I have strong Math skills since elementary and have participated in math competitions since grade 4. I am a strong writer and enjoy English class.
Aliya10Math – AMon-Fri: 10am – 12pm5-8
I am in double accelerated math and I recieved A in both the semesters. Last summer for my girl scoout silver award project I taught math to 4th, 5th and 6th graders for a month. Math is my favorite subject.
Krishay9Math – A
Science – A
Mon-Fri: 10am – 11am /
4:00pm – 5:30pm
I have taught in my school’s AI and Computers clubs. I am an honors student with straight As, and represented my school in science and math contests.
Laya10Math – A+
English – A
Science – A+
Mon-Fri: 7am-3pm5-8
I love math, science, and English, and I have participated in many events involving these subjects. I hope to teach students how much fun it can be.
Ronit10Math – ATues: 5pm– 8pm
Fri: 4pm – 6pm
Sat: 2pm -4pm
Sun: 9 am– 11 am /
2pm – 4pm
Been taking math competitions such as the AMC 8 and AMC 10 since 5th grade
Qualified for AIME – 9th grade
Done several projects with Python, Java, C++
Soham12Math – A
Spanish – A
Science – A
Wed: after 5pm
Weekends: Flexible
I love teaching and have tutored children throughout middle and high school. I have consistently received A’s in these 3 subjects.
Nandini8Math – AWed, Fri: 3pm-5pm6-7
I am a straight A student throughout my education. I ran a math tutoring camp last year for 6th graders for 6 weeks; I love to teach!
Tues, Thurs: 4pm – 6pm
Wed: 4pm – 5pm
I’ve always loved science and history! I consistently get high grades in both, and also tutored in the same subjects last summer.
Justin12Math – A2 hours
4 times per week
Took calculus junior year and will be taking stats this coming year. I have a good foundation in math. I also have been a tutor before at my school.
Venkatasai Laksh8Math – AMon – Sun: 1pm – 6pm6-8
Created a math organization and taught around 7 students in grade 6-8. I know Quadratics, Exponents, Functions, and more math up to grade 9-10.
Srihita11Beginner Spanish

Spanish 1 – A
Spanish 2 – A+
Spanish 3 – A

Sat, Sun: Flexible6-10
This is my second year tutoring with FUSS and tutoring neurodiverse students. I love to teach and can accommodate many different types of students.
Akshay12Algebra I – A
Geometry – A
Algebra II – A
Precalculus – A
Calculus AB – A
English 7/8 Honors – A
English 9 Honors – B+
English 10 – A
AP Language and Composition – A
5 pm – 10 pm.
This is my second year teaching at FUSS; I love to help/teach others when possible. I’m dedicated, compassionate, and looking forward to tutoring you!
Jayant12History – AMon – Wed: 2pm-5pm
(Until 7/26)
I have taught students in my marching band and I have helped a lot of people learn the basics of marching and history. I am good with younger children
Neeraja12AP Bio – A
Math – A
English – A
I can teach AP Biology to high schoolers. I can also teach regular biology, math, and English to anyone in elementary or middle school. I volunteered for this tutoring program last year. In high school, I have taken AP Calculus, AP Biology, and English honors.